Round #7 ~ Bradbury

Spring, Week 1, Year 5

The first week of spring started out unseasonably warm. The last of the winter snow was melting fast as Nick set off out for an early morning jog, before most of Beckwell were up and about. He had some big plans for this week and he wanted to get an early start.

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Round #7 ~ De Vere

Winter, Week 2, Year 4

With heavy snow around Beckwell, Damien enjoyed expressing himself in his back garden. It was good for an aspiring actor to kick back and relax every so often.
He was on full alert when Petra arrived to help him decorate the Christmas tree. The temperatures had dropped drastically and a blizzard was predicted for later that day, so it seemed a good idea to get an early start.

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Round #6 ~ Summary

The sixth round was very productive with a wedding, a couple of new babies and the park unlocked!


James: Level 4 Writing
Claudia: Level 10 Parenting, Level 4 Baking and Level 8 Gourmet Cooking
Francis: Level 9 Programming
George: Level 7 Mixology
Alexandra: Level 9 Cooking
William: Level 10 Parenting
Emily: Level 10 Gardening
Stella: Level 4 Wellness
Nick: Level 7 Fitness
Damien: Level 5 Acting

Weddings: Francis Stilton and Antonia Simpkins

Sayer Stanton
Louis Stilton

Park Community Lot
New Resident

Round #6 ~ Stanton

Autumn, Week 1, Year 4

The week with the Stantons started out with some birthdays. First of all, Soley followed by the twins. Emily had been busy baking since early that morning to make sure there was enough cake to go around!

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