The Gardens of Beckwell

The Gardens of Beckwell are a testament to the hard work and dedication of the town’s gardeners. With a litt,e something for Sims from all walks of life, the gardens are a tranquil location for quiet contemplation or playing with the family. The wedding corner provides a romantic, airy venue for the perfect family wedding.

The very first venue to open in Beckwell in Year 4, The Gardens of Beckwell have something for everyone. With a large children’s playground and a fair chess section, the park is popular with sims of all ages. There’s a small wedding venue in the corner, for those intimate, family weddings.
The park was unlocked with a joint effort from the Worthingtons, Harringtons and Stantons, with Emily Stanton being the gardener to help plant up the park.

Lot Traits: Convivial and Child’s Play
Clubs: None