Infinity Hall

The bridge between the past and the present. The Infinity Hall is a monument to the past and the rich history of the region. Featuring numerous exhibits that change periodically, there’s always something new to see here.

The very first venue to open in Perringbury in Year 3, Infinity Hall is said to represent the bridge between the past and the present. The first major exhibition was the Founders Exhibition, created by local artists and Founders Alexandra Harrington and her brother, Francis Stilton. The museum was opened by Mayor James Worthington in the winter of Year 3.

While the museum and art galleries might be empty now, they will soon be filled with the masterworks of the local residents.

Lot Traits: Home Studio and Natural Light
Clubs: None

Ground Floor

First Floor

Masterpieces by Alexandra Harrington
Masterpieces by Alexandra Harrington

Second Floor

The Founders Exhibit
The Worthington Collection

Third Floor