Beckwell was the first town developed by the Founders. Shortly after their arrival, George Harrington became the first Duke of Beckwell and as such, lives in Beckwell House. Starting only with four houses, the town is sure to thrive under the care of these aristocrats and their families.

Families In Beckwell:

Bradbury ~ Nick
Harrington ~ George, Alexandra, Ethan, Tristan, Annabelle
Humphreys ~ Stella
Stanton ~ William, Emily, Soley, Nina, Caiden
Stilton ~ Francis
Worthington ~ James, Claudia, Elena, Caitlin, Jenna

Beckwell Town Council
(The next election is in Autumn, Week 1, Year 6)
Mayor ~ James Worthington
Health and Wellbeing Councillor ~ William Stanton
Community Councillor ~ George Harrington, Duke of Beckwell

The Gardens of Beckwell