Town Council

The Town Councils are elected every five years in the Autumn in each town. The election process is based on the number of friends a sim has, as well as charisma points and experience in the Political and Business careers.

Election process:
In order to become a member of the council, a sim needs to stand for the election.
Each neighbourhood in a town has a representative elected out of all the sims in that neighbourhood who stand. Then each town elects one mayor for the whole town out of all the representatives.
Each level in the Business or Politics careers give 1 point.
Each level of the charisma skill gives 1 point.
Each friend gives 1 point.
The sim with the most points at the end of the election is elected for office.

Autumn, Year 1

Beckwell Town Council
Mayor ~ James Worthington
Health and Wellbeing Councillor ~ William Stanton
Community Councillor ~ George Harrington, Duke of Beckwell