The Rules



I’ve always loved the BACC idea and since Purzel’s ruleset suits my needs so perfectly by being so flexible, I have to give this a shot. I’m tweaking some of the rules slightly to suit myself.

I’ve put the age span onto Long. I like spending time with my sims and I hate the thought of all work and no play. Thus my sims will live longer but it won’t be just for the sake of gaining skills – they’ll be making friends and focusing on their families as well.

I’ve got my seasons set to 14 days. Since the age span is longer, everyone should get a chance in each season but I’ll see how this works out in my actual gameplay. So this may get tweaked if it doesn’t work out.

I’ll spend a week with each household, starting with my founder, George Harrington. I’ll change over on Sunday, 6am every week. I started with what I call the Introductory Week, with all my founders on the same lot to give them a chance to get to know each other. After the Intro Week, the founders move into their own homes and the challenge kicks off properly from there.


Goals & Accomplishments

Each resident will have certain goals to aim for during their lifespan. These aren’t definite since the sims themselves might have other ideas! This is where my current goals will be logged and their progress charted.

George: Unlock Doctor Career ~ Needs Herbology Level 10 ~ 0/10

William: Athletic Career ~ Needs Fitness Level 10 ~ 5/10

James: Replace 3 unlocks for Second World ~ Top level of Charity Organizer ~ 7/10

Claudia: Restaurants ~ Needs Cooking Level 10, Gourmet Cooking Level 10, Baking Level 10 ~ 10/10; 8/10; 4/10

Emily: Café ~ Needs Baking Level 10 ~ 1/10

Francis: Complete Aspiration ~ Needs Rocket Science Level 10 ~ 0/10

Alexandra: Complete Aspiration ~ 2/4

Stella: Unlock Spa ~ Needs Wellness Level 10 ~ 4/10

Nick: Unlock Gym ~ Level 10 Bodybuilder ~ 0/10

Damien: Acting Career ~ Level 10 Acting ~ 5/10

General Goals

Contraception ~ Needs a Doctor ~

Services ~ Needs 10 Households ~ 6/10

  • Nanny ~ Parenting Level 10 ~ 9/10

Travelling beyond neighbourhood ~ Photography Level 10 ~ 3/10

Community Lots:

  • Gym ~ Requires a Level 10 Bodybuilder ~ 0/10
  • Cafe ~ Requires level 10 Baking ~ 4/10
  • Lounge ~ Requires level 10 in Comedy, Piano and Singing ~ 2/10; 4/10; 2/10
  • Restaurant ~ Requires a sim with Level 10 in Baking, Cooking and Gourmet Cooking ~ 4/10; 10/10; 8/10
  • Art Centre ~ Requires Level 10 in two of either Painting, Handiness or Music AND Mixology ~ 2/10; 4/10; 5/10



Electricity ~ Unlocked by Francis Stilton in Round 1

Townies ~ Unlocked in Round 3

Del Sol Valley ~ Unlocked in Round 5