William Stanton


Active, Family Oriented, Neat, Domestic

William Stanton is the childhood friend of George Harrington, James Worthington and Francis Stilton. William is a Cambridge man, after having attended the same boarding school as George, James and Francis. The quartet decided to set up their own community after their parents attempted to force them all into work they didn’t like, shortly after William’s marriage to Emily Shortcross. Emily supported William and the couple followed their friends to the English countryside to begin anew.

Age: Young Adult
Partner: Emily Stanton
Career: None
Traits: Active, Domestic, Family Oriented, Neat
Children: Soley, Nina, Caiden, Warwick, Aoife, Sayer
Club Memberships: Fitness Busters (Founder); Beckwell Town Council
Address: Twin Oaks, Beckwell
Romantic History: William met Emily at Cambridge University. They married after graduating.

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