James Worthington


Ambitious, Music Lover, Outgoing, Business Savvy

James Worthington is also from an aristocratic family and is a childhood friend of George Harrington, William Stanton and Francis Stilton. James went to boarding school from the age of seven and attended Oxford, where he graduated with a First to the delight of his parents. He married Claudia Barrington, the daughter of his father’s childhood friend Edward. However, relations between him and his parents went sour when he declared solidarity with George and insisted upon freedom and independence. He and Claudia joined George in the quest for a new community.

James was elected Mayor of Beckwell in the first election in Autumn, Week 1, Year 1.

Age: Young Adult
Partner: Claudia Worthington
Career: Political (Charity Organiser)
Traits: Ambitious, Music Lover, Outgoing, Business Savvy
Children: Elena, Caitlin, Jenna
Club Memberships: Beckwell Town Council (Founder); Less Mischief Foundation (Founder)
Address: Hawthorn House, Beckwell
Romantic History: James and Claudia met at Oxford University and married right after graduating.

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