George Harrington, Duke of Beckwell

Art Lover; Self Absorbed; Snob; Gregarious

The Founder of A Little Piece of England is George Harrington. He is joined by his friends, James Worthington, William Stanton and Francis Stilton and both their wives, Claudia Worthington and Emily Stanton respectively, plus Francis’ sister, Alexandra.

George Harrington comes from an ancient aristocratic line based in London, England and Oxfordshire. He went to boarding school from the age of seven and graduated from Oxford University with a First. However, he fell out with his family shortly after his graduation when he declared himself ‘unemployed and proud of it’. His father insisted he find a suitable job and set him up with a large bank in London. George, along with his childhood friends James, William and Francis, decided he wanted freedom. So he was banished from the estate and, still on his high horse, travelled to a small, quiet piece of English countryside to set up a community of his own.

George married Alexandra Stilton shortly after arriving in Beckwell. He founded the first wine club, In Vino Veritas with friend and fellow wine drinker, Petra Love.

Age: Young Adult
Partner:Alexandra Harrington, Duchess of Beckwell
Career: None
Traits: Art Lover, Gregarious, Self Absorbed, Snob
Children: Ethan, Tristan, Annabelle, Vanya
Club Memberships: In Vino Veritas (Founder); Beckwell Town Council
Address: Beckwell House, Beckwell
Romantic History: George married Alexandra in Spring, Week 2, Year 1.

George Unlocked: