Emily Stanton

Bookworm, Family Oriented, Snob, Bussiness Savvy

Emily Stanton (nee Shortcross) attended Cambridge University where she met her husband, William. She quarrelled with her parents over her choice of university (her father was a Lord and an Oxford man and disapproved of her Cambridge education) and thus she was cut off after her marriage to William. Emily supported William when he too quarrelled with his family and together, they accompanied their friends on a life-altering journey.

Age: Young Adult
Partner: William Stanton
Career: None
Traits: Bookworm, Family Oriented, Snob, Business Savvy
Children: Soley, Nina, Caiden, Warwick, Aoife, Sayer
Club Memberships:
Address: Twin Oaks, Beckwell
Romantic History: Emily and William met when they were both at Cambridge University. They married after they’d both graduated and have been together ever since.

Emily Unlocked: