Claudia Worthington


Foodie, Jealous, Unflirty, Essence of Flavour

Claudia Worthington (nee Barrington) is the daughter of a Lord and a member of the upper class. She attended Oxford University, where she met her husband James. They married shortly after graduating and moved into an apartment owned by James’ family. Claudia lost contact with her parents when they disapproved of her supporting James and his friends, George, William and Francis, in their quest for an independent community.

Age: Young Adult
Partner: James Worthington, Mayor of Beckwell
Career: None.
Traits: Essence of Flavour, Foodie, Jealous, Unflirty
Children: Elena, Caitlin, Jenna
Club Memberships: Catering By Design (Founder)
Address: Hawthorn House, Beckwell
Romantic History: Claudia met James at Oxford University and married him shortly after graduating.

Claudia Unlocked: