Alexandra Harrington (née Stilton), Duchess of Beckwell

Materialistic, Perfectionist, Romantic, Muser

Orphaned young, Alexandra and her brother, Francis, have always been close. When the opportunity came up to settle in a new location, she eagerly joined her brother and his old school friends on their adventure.

Alexandra married George Harrington shortly after arriving in Beckwell and as a result, became the Duchess of Beckwell. She won §1,000,000 on the lottery in Round 4 (Year 2), which set the family up with a lot of money.

She’s the current Patron of the Arts and is one of the patrons for the Infinity Hall in Perringbury. She holds an Art Show at the Infinity Hall every Saturday. With her eldest son, Ethan, also having an interest in the arts, she hopes he’ll embark on a scholarly artistic career at the University of Britechester.

Age: Young Adult
Partner: George Harrington, Duke of Beckwell
Career: Patron of the Arts
Traits: Materialistic, Perfectionist, Romantic, Muser
Children: Ethan, Tristan, Annabelle, Vanya
Club Memberships: Arti Aestimonatis (Founder)
Address: Beckwell House, Beckwell
Romantic History: Alexandra married George in Spring, Week 2, Year 1.

Alexandra Unlocked: