Round #6 ~ Stanton

Autumn, Week 1, Year 4

The week with the Stantons started out with some birthdays. First of all, Soley followed by the twins. Emily had been busy baking since early that morning to make sure there was enough cake to go around!

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Round #5 ~ Stanton

Autumn, Week 2, Year 3

This week, we’re with the Stantons and it’s another busy week with them!

Nina started the week off by generally being a little rebellious. Most of the time, the three children are very good but they do have naughty days from time to time. William decided it was a good time to teach Nina a little word called ‘Sorry’.

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Round #4 ~ Stanton

Winter, Week 2, Year 2

This week is with the Stanton family. It’s quite a busy week because it’s Christmas! The narration will be between William and Emily.

Emily’s POV
This week’s going to be a big one. With Christmas coming up and Caiden having a birthday, we’ve had our hands full. Caiden’s turning into quite the cheeky little chappie but quite endearing too.

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Round #3 ~ Stanton

Summer, Week 1, Year 2

We spend a week with the Stantons, who finally get to move into a bigger house. The narration will be between William and Emily.

Emily’s POV
Summer made its presence known with some glorious sunshine to make up for all the rain of late. Soley loves playing in the garden and with her lovely new summer clothes, she’s just about ready for the hot summer sunshine!

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Round #1 ~ Stanton

Summer, Week 1, Year 1

Up next: a week with Stantons! The narration will swap between William and Emily at varying points.

William’s POV
Grilled fruit? Before this venture, I had never once considered grilling fruit. Well, one wouldn’t, would one? Fruit is meant to tastefully decorate a table, having been artfully arranged by a person with taste. It is for consumption, part of a delightful dessert to an exquisite dinner to which the sort of person who would actually entertain the idea of grilling fruit would not be invited.
My opinion on this matter is somewhat more positive than my dear Emily’s. Having been raised in quite the household, she’s not accustomed to these sorts of inconveniences.
That aside, this venture is a rather daring one, by any standards. To be completely fair, I did wholeheartedly agree with George when he suggested this scheme. After all, my own father made it more than clear that I was not welcome in the family, having gone to Cambridge instead of Oxford, like my forefathers. Stuffy lot.
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