Round #7 ~ Harrington

Summer, Week 1, Year 5

Ethan’s birthday had come round so fast. George hardly knew where the time had gone. His eldest son was about to start school! Francis had sent a birthday present for his nephew in the post, so while it wasn’t arriving that day, it would probably arrive the following day.

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Round #7 ~ Humphreys

Spring, Week 2, Year 5

Having been working incredibly hard the past several weeks, Stella took a trip out to the Gardens of Beckwell with some of her closest friends. Stella still wasn’t completely used to the fact that she had a legion of fans everywhere she went and for the most part was oblivious to the fainting fans surrounding her. Emily found it fairly amusing as Stella chatted happily, unaware of the stranger passed out behind her.

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Round #7 ~ De Vere

Winter, Week 2, Year 4

With heavy snow around Beckwell, Damien enjoyed expressing himself in his back garden. It was good for an aspiring actor to kick back and relax every so often.
He was on full alert when Petra arrived to help him decorate the Christmas tree. The temperatures had dropped drastically and a blizzard was predicted for later that day, so it seemed a good idea to get an early start.

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