Round #1 ~ Worthington

Autumn, Week 1, Year 1

The final household for Round 1 is the Worthingtons. The narration will be between James and Claudia.

Claudia’s POV
This is our baby daughter, Elena. You can thank James for her arrival since he insisted it would be lovely to have little ones running around. His family are obsessed with heirs and keeping the family name going. I would prefer to look after my body but nobody listens to the wife, do they?
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Round #1 ~ Stilton

Summer, Week 2, Year 1

Next we spend a week with the Stilton household. The narration will be by Francis Stilton. This is a shorter update since there wasn’t much happening this week.

It’s been terribly lonely in the house since Alexandra moved out and married George. I don’t begrudge her, of course but it doesn’t change the facts, unfortunately. So I’ve been busying myself with the carpentry of late. I’m determined to get electricity to this settlement as soon as possible and that won’t happen without a little work from me.
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Round #1 ~ Stanton

Summer, Week 1, Year 1

Up next: a week with Stantons! The narration will swap between William and Emily at varying points.

William’s POV
Grilled fruit? Before this venture, I had never once considered grilling fruit. Well, one wouldn’t, would one? Fruit is meant to tastefully decorate a table, having been artfully arranged by a person with taste. It is for consumption, part of a delightful dessert to an exquisite dinner to which the sort of person who would actually entertain the idea of grilling fruit would not be invited.
My opinion on this matter is somewhat more positive than my dear Emily’s. Having been raised in quite the household, she’s not accustomed to these sorts of inconveniences.
That aside, this venture is a rather daring one, by any standards. To be completely fair, I did wholeheartedly agree with George when he suggested this scheme. After all, my own father made it more than clear that I was not welcome in the family, having gone to Cambridge instead of Oxford, like my forefathers. Stuffy lot.
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Round #1 ~ Harrington

Spring, Week 2, Year 1

We kick off the first round with the Harrington household. It’s Week 2 of Spring and the narration today will be by George Harrington.

The house I’ve moved into is rather magnificent by any standards. Of course, it’s lacking a little furniture here and there and the upstairs hasn’t quite been decorated yet. Once I finish it, it will be a stately home worth anything my father could have purchased. It’s rather delightful, to tell the truth.
Of course, when Emily and William invited me to their rather more modest home, I graciously accepted their invitation. We’re all in this together, are we not? There’s nothing at all wrong with their dinky little hallway, as I told them. It’s very quaint.
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