Round #5 ~ Worthington

Winter, Week 2, Year 3

This is a longer update because the final week of this found was a very busy one! The Worthingtons hardly had a moment’s peace!

The week began with a couple of birthdays. Baby Jenna is toddling around the house and Elena’s ready to start school on Monday! James is keen on Elena becoming a responsible, upright citizen who will make him very proud and who will, perhaps, one day fill his shoes as the political expert in Beckwell.

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Round #4 ~ Worthington

Spring, Week 2, Year 3

We finish off this round with the Worthington household. The narration will be between James and Claudia.

Claudia’s POV
If I say so myself, I’m becoming something of an expert at cooking. I’m truly fabulous with ever aspect and I cannot wait to open up the first restaurant in Beckwell. I’d like to think Elena and Caitlin would be interested when they’re older, too. They certainly seem fascinated when I’m baking apple pie!

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