Round #7 ~ Harrington

Summer, Week 1, Year 5

Ethan’s birthday had come round so fast. George hardly knew where the time had gone. His eldest son was about to start school! Francis had sent a birthday present for his nephew in the post, so while it wasn’t arriving that day, it would probably arrive the following day.

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Round #5 ~ Harrington

Autumn, Week 1, Year 3

The next week is spent with the Harringtons. It turned out to be a productive week!

With the pressure on, Alexandra spent every moment of her spare time painting. She had five more masterpieces to create, plus some more of the portraits she was determined to finish before the new museum could be opened. She’d heard from James that the building work had been completed, so they were awaiting her contribution. She even managed to put aside her feud with William for a few hours so she could complete his portrait.

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Round #4 ~ Harrington

Winter, Week 1, Year 2

This week we follow the Harringtons through a very life-changing week. The narration will be between George and Alexandra.

George’s POV
I say, my father never once told me this fatherhood lark could be so, well, exhausting. Ethan has boundless energy, don’t you know, and I can’t possibly keep up with the little ruffian. I never once remember seeing my father as tired as I am these days. He always seemed so well-rested. All those sessions in the steam room with his chums, probably.

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Round #3 ~ Harrington

Spring, Week 2, Year 2

We start the third round with the Harringtons again. Narration will be between George and Alexandra.

Alexandra’s POV
My will to give Ethan a sibling has paid off and I had a happy announcement to make to George at the beginning of the week. I think he was a little stunned; he’d only just got used to having Ethan around the house!

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Round #2 ~ Harrington

Autumn, Week 2, Year 1

We start off the second round with the Harrington household. The narration will be between George and Alexandra.

Alexandra’s POV
Having electricity really makes the difference to one’s living standards, doesn’t it? I mean, I can paint all day with proper lighting now and I’m even getting recognised outside Beckwell with my paintings! Isn’t that exciting?
I’m even cooking more which I never thought I would do. I didn’t get a chance to learn anything like this from my mother so I had to rely on my aunt teaching me and her cooking was…well, I don’t know. She never cooked anything.

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Round #1 ~ Harrington

Spring, Week 2, Year 1

We kick off the first round with the Harrington household. It’s Week 2 of Spring and the narration today will be by George Harrington.

The house I’ve moved into is rather magnificent by any standards. Of course, it’s lacking a little furniture here and there and the upstairs hasn’t quite been decorated yet. Once I finish it, it will be a stately home worth anything my father could have purchased. It’s rather delightful, to tell the truth.
Of course, when Emily and William invited me to their rather more modest home, I graciously accepted their invitation. We’re all in this together, are we not? There’s nothing at all wrong with their dinky little hallway, as I told them. It’s very quaint.
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