Round #6 ~ Stilton

Autumn, Week 2, Year 4

Antonia, we’ve been together about eighteen months now,” Francis said, looking hopefully at his girlfriend. “What did you think about moving in with me?”
“I’d love to,” Antonia breathed.

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Round #5 ~ Stilton

Winter, Week 1, Year 3

The next week with Francis is a fairly quiet one with a couple of small accomplishments.

Francis met with James at the Infinity Hall over the weekend to hand over the sculptures for the exhibit.
“I hope they’re what you were hoping for,” Francis said nervously as James placed the last one in the cabinets.
“They’re simply marvellous, Francis. A top job, as they say. You’ve got some talent there, old boy. No doubt about it.”
“So when will the opening be?”
“Probably next weekend. I’ve got some work to do behind the scenes first, then I should be able to gather everybody.”
When Francis left the museum, he felt a little proud. He’d never really accomplished anything like this before.

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Round #4 ~ Stilton

Spring, Week 1, Year 3

Now for a week with Francis Stilton!

With spring fast approaching, I wanted to have a little fun with the remaining snow. After all, who says you have to be a child or have a child to have fun in the snow?
I was in William’s neighbourhood and I must admit I was rather hoping to catch a glimpse of the newest resident. Stella’s big in programming, which is what I’m currently specialising in and I was hoping to have a little chat with her. Alas, it was not to be.

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Round #3 ~ Stilton

Summer, Week 2, Year 2

This week with Francis was very quiet and not a lot happened, so it’s a smaller update. The narration is by Francis.

Determined as I am to introduce new people to this settlement, I am trying to host a fifth and final gold level party but thus far, have been unable to do so. I hosted a rather nice barbeque party with James, William and George but it barely acknowledged as a party. Ally doesn’t think I’m really cut out for this hosting nonsense but I’m damn determined to give it a go.

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Round #2 ~ Stilton

Winter, Week 2, Year 1

The next week is spent with the Stilton household. The narration will be by Francis.

This week is Christmas week and I have a lot I want to do before the big day. I want to get my decorating done on Christmas Eve with George and Alexandra, then have everybody over for drinks. Christmas Day, I’d love to see Ally and George and finally for Boxing Day, more games a small gathering with the two of them again. Finally, it’s New Years Eve at the end of the week and I’d love to see everybody before then.
I sat down with George to talk to him about the plans. He and Ally would love to come and spend time with me, so they’ll leave Ethan with William and Emily for a few hours.

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Round #1 ~ Stilton

Summer, Week 2, Year 1

Next we spend a week with the Stilton household. The narration will be by Francis Stilton. This is a shorter update since there wasn’t much happening this week.

It’s been terribly lonely in the house since Alexandra moved out and married George. I don’t begrudge her, of course but it doesn’t change the facts, unfortunately. So I’ve been busying myself with the carpentry of late. I’m determined to get electricity to this settlement as soon as possible and that won’t happen without a little work from me.
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