Round #7 ~ De Vere

Winter, Week 2, Year 4

With heavy snow around Beckwell, Damien enjoyed expressing himself in his back garden. It was good for an aspiring actor to kick back and relax every so often.
He was on full alert when Petra arrived to help him decorate the Christmas tree. The temperatures had dropped drastically and a blizzard was predicted for later that day, so it seemed a good idea to get an early start.

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Round #6 ~ De Vere

Spring, Week 1, Year 4

The first household of Round #6 is new resident, Damien De Vere. A budding actor, he’s going to aim for unlocking the Acting Career.

Damien’s first day in Beckwell consisted of an early start to his acting practice. He’s determined to become a famous actor but in order to do that, he’s got to practice.
Early mornings, however, are not his thing and the tedium of waking up before 6am doesn’t suit him at all.

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