Round #7 ~ Bradbury

Spring, Week 1, Year 5

The first week of spring started out unseasonably warm. The last of the winter snow was melting fast as Nick set off out for an early morning jog, before most of Beckwell were up and about. He had some big plans for this week and he wanted to get an early start.

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Round #6 ~ Bradbury

Spring, Week 2, Year 4

Nick had a lot to think about. His crush on Claudia Worthington was fairly manageable at the moment, as long as he didn’t see her too often. He had other goals in mind, things he wanted to accomplish. It was vital he wasn’t distracted by those thoughts.

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Round #5 ~ Bradbury

Summer, Week 1, Year 3

So with Round #5, the format’s changing a bit. Up until now, I’ve been telling to story through narrations in each household. As the households get bigger, there are more stories to tell to the format now changes to third person telling.
So to kick this round off, we’re visiting Nick Bradbury, a new resident in Beckwell.

A lover of fitness, Nick Bradbury’s recently moved into Beckwell. He’s keen on exercising and wellbeing and is looking forward to helping the residents of Beckwell with their health.

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