Antonia Stilton (née Simpkins)

Dastardly, Goofball, Jealous, Loner

Antonia met Francis through work, when they both worked as Project Managers in the Tech Guru career. Antonia quit her job and started working with Stella for LGL Games as a developer and 3D modeller. Antonia hates the family get-togethers that Francis loves so much and has found it difficult to click with her new sister-in-law.

Age: Young Adult
Partner: Francis Stilton
Career: Video Game Developer with LGL Games
Traits: Dastardly, Goofball, Jealous, Loner
Children: Louis
Club Memberships: LGL Games
Address: Parkside, Beckwell
Romantic History: Antonia met Francis through work in Spring, Week 1, Year 3 and the two started dating on Love Day that year. In Autumn, Week 2, Round 6, so around 18 months later, she moved in with Francis and the two were married in a lovely ceremony in The Gardens of Beckwell.