Stella Humphreys

Alluring, Loves the Outdoors, Music Lover, Self Absorbed

Stella moved to Beckwell at the beginning of Round 4. An aspiring programmer, she’s very talented at what she does and the thought of helping develop websites and games in a brand new community gave her a creative rush. She moved into Timbertop and set up as a freelance programmer. She unlocked Eafford in the fifth round of the challenge (Year 3) when she gained her second celebrity star.

Stella is the founder of Laboris Gloria Ludi (LGL), a game development club/company based, for the time being, in Beckwell.

Age: Young Adult
Partner: Johnny Bolton
Career: Video Game Developer
Traits: Alluring, Loves the Outdoors, Music Lover, Self Absorbed
Children: Tiffany Bolton
Club Memberships: Laboris Gloria Ludi (LGL, Founder)
Address: Timbertop, Beckwell
Romantic History: Stella met Johnny by chance when she went for a day out with friends to the Gardens of Beckwell. They hit it off and she invited him to stay overnight. Shortly afterwards, she discovered she was expecting their baby and invited Johnny to move in with her.

Previously, Stella worked as a Freelance Programmer.

Stella Unlocked: