Johnny Bolton

Adventurous, Bro, Geek, Gregarious

Johnny met Stella in the park one day when she was hanging out with friends. He’d been a fan of LGL games for a while and was delighted to be able to meet her. The two really hit it off and before he knew it, he was moving in with her and their baby daughter.

Johnny currently works as a freelance programmer, with the aim of becoming a self-employed Web Designer or working as a Tech Guru.

Age: Young Adult
Partner: Stella Humphreys
Career: Freelance Programmer
Traits: Adventurous, Bro, Geek, Gregarious
Children: Tiffany
Club Memberships:
Address: Timbertop, Beckwell
Romantic History: Johnny and Stella met in the park in Spring, Week 2, Year 5 when she was hanging out with friends. They hit it off and he went back to her place and stayed overnight. After discovering Stella was expecting their baby, Johnny moved in with her.