Lord Ethan Harrington of Beckwell

Art Lover

Ethan was born to parents Duke George Harrington of Beckwell and Duchess Alexandra Harrington of Beckwell in the second round. He’s a wild child with light brown hair. He was very upset at the arrival of his younger brother, Tristan, in the third round and furious with the arrival of his sister, Annabelle. However, he was very excited when his youngest sister, Vanya, was born in the sixth round.

Ethan has shown signs of being a little lapse with his schoolwork, in spite of his father’s insistence on good results. However, he had a deep interest in art, most likely inherited from both parents, and enjoys drawing and making crafts for the playroom.

He set up a club, The Pirates of Beckwell, with two friends from school, Tyler Holbrook and Keith Fisher.

Parents: George and Alexandra Harrington
Age: Toddler
Siblings: Tristan, Annabelle, Vanya
Traits: Top Notch Toddler, Art Lover
Club Memberships: The Pirates of Beckwell (Leader)
Favourite Colour: Green
Favourite Animal: Ladybird
Address: Beckwell House, Beckwell

Ethan Through The Years

Toddler: Wild