Damien De Vere

Bro, Foodie, Materialistic, Muser

Damien, an aspiring actor, moved to Beckwell in Round 6. He quickly found his place within the community and struck up close friendships and a potential relationship in his first week. With the potential as a heartbreaker, Damien’s determined to prove he’s the best actor in town.

Damien has founded the Dramatic Arts Society in Beckwell and hopes to attract other aspiring actors to the town.

Age: Young Adult
Partner: Petra Love
Career: Social Media
Traits: Bro, Foodie, Materialistic, Muser
Children: None
Club Memberships: Dramatic Arts Society (Founder)
Address: Crown Drive, Beckwell
Romantic History: Damien started dating Petra Love in Spring, Week 1, Year 4.