Round #7 ~ Harrington

Summer, Week 1, Year 5

Ethan’s birthday had come round so fast. George hardly knew where the time had gone. His eldest son was about to start school! Francis had sent a birthday present for his nephew in the post, so while it wasn’t arriving that day, it would probably arrive the following day.

Ethan made his opinions quite clear. He was born into an artistic family and, being another art lover himself, he was determined to prove it.

Since the summer was starting out very hot, he grabbed the paddling pool before his younger siblings did. It did wonders cooling him down and, hopefully, cooling his temper, too.

George was really struggling with this responsible parenting lark. He was convinced that Annabelle should have gone to bed by herself and he simply couldn’t understand why she hadn’t.
After getting all the children off to bed, Alexandra invited Francis round for an evening in front of the television. She had no idea her brother could get so into a film and university students!

Alexandra was beginning to think the children had it in for the landing carpet. Ethan had insisted it was the inspiring atmosphere on the landing that demanded artwork but Alexandra didn’t think that was the case for Vanya. She thought that perhaps the youngest member of the family was simply being a bit rebellious.

George was insistent on good manners and responsibility and was determined to instill this in Ethan. He wanted all homework to be done before anything else and school projects must be worked on for a while before bed. Those were the rules.

The hot weather gave way to bad storms lasting for days. The children were frightened, especially the girls. Annabelle and Vanya clung to each other fiercely as the thunder rumbled and lightning flashed outside. George didn’t quite appreciate Annabelle’s artwork on the floor in the lounge, however, and didn’t see the storm as a valid excuse.

The weather was making everybody tense. Ethan had had a bad day at school and really didn’t want to be doing anything other than playing. Already he was getting frustrated with his father’s homework rules. After dinner, he went up to his bedroom to work on the medieval castle he was supposed to be handing in soon.

Of course, as soon as the rain eased off, Ethan defied his father’s homework rules and called for a gathering of The Pirates of Beckwell! His friends, Tyler and Keith, joined him near the park as they battled fierce sea monsters in the search for gold!

Realising he’d been a little too hard on Ethan, George relented and gave him a belated birthday present. He’d been wanting to find the right gift and an uncommon Voidcritter card struck just the right note with his son!

On Saturdays, Alexandra hosted an Art Show at the Infinity Hall. She would hold a sale on all the artwork she’d made that week and it was a good gimmick to bring more visitors to the museum.
Ethan explored the new craft tables in the gallery upstairs. The room definitely needed more lighting for the dark, thundery days.

Being a craft-lover, Ethan tried out his new building blocks when he got home. The weather was still foul so he couldn’t play with the other pirates as he’d hoped to. Instead, he tried his hand at building the best space shuttle you’d ever seen!

George reached level 9 Mixology but didn’t unlock anything this week.
Alexandra reached level 9 Cooking but didn’t unlock anything this week.
Weddings: None
Babies: None

Up next: The Stantons!

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