Round #7 ~ Humphreys

Spring, Week 2, Year 5

Having been working incredibly hard the past several weeks, Stella took a trip out to the Gardens of Beckwell with some of her closest friends. Stella still wasn’t completely used to the fact that she had a legion of fans everywhere she went and for the most part was oblivious to the fainting fans surrounding her. Emily found it fairly amusing as Stella chatted happily, unaware of the stranger passed out behind her.

However when the fainting fan regained consciousness, it turned out he and Stella had a lot in common. His name was Johnny Bolton and he’d been a fan of LGL games right from the start. Stella spent the entire afternoon talking to him and they exchanged numbers.

“I noticed you were talking to your fainting fan earlier,” Emily observed. She and Stella had grabbed a few quiet moments while the other girls were still in the park.
Johnny? Yeah, I was. He seems nice,” Stella ventured, cautiously.
Emily pulled a face. “Just nice? You were talking to him for a long time, Stella. Are you interested in him?”
Stella laughed. “Oh yeah, as if he’d even be interested. He’s a fan of the games I make, that’s all.”
“I wouldn’t be so sure,” Emily said, wisely. “Why don’t you ask him out?”
“Hmm. Maybe,” Stella shrugged. “I suppose he can only say no, can’t he?”

Johnny didn’t say no. Stella invited him back to her house and they had a great evening talking about the various games they’d played and some of Stella’s plans for the Simple Life series of games.
“Well, I’d better get going,” Johnny said after a while. “It’s getting late and you’ll be working tomorrow…”
He didn’t get a chance to finish because Stella suddenly grabbed him and kissed him.

Convinced she would probably regret it late, Stella invited Johnny to stay the night…

Surprisingly, things weren’t awkward the next morning. Stella made some breakfast and the two chatted a lot before Johnny showered and dressed. Agreeing to see each other later that afternoon, after Stella had finished working, he left.

The couple quickly became inseparable…

Quite unexpectedly, Stella maxed out her cooking skills! All those solo dinners really helped to boost her abilities as a cook. It didn’t explain why so much nausea had kicked in though.

So the mystery of the nausea was cleared up pretty quickly. Stella knew she needed to talk to Johnny as soon as possible but she had a lot of work to get done first.

“Good morning all! I’m making this quick video blog to let fans of The Simple Life know that the next expansion pack’s release will be slightly delayed. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I won’t be able to commit as much time to the development as I’d expected. I’d like to get it right so for now, the pack’s release has been indefinitely put on hold. Thanks for your understanding and continued support!”

Johnny was shocked to the core when Stella told him the big news. For several minutes, he didn’t know what to say…

…but he recovered quickly. Stella was so relieved to have Johnny’s unconditional support.

As time went on, Johnny was getting quite excited about this baby. Especially when Stella asked him to move in with her. It was like a dream come true for him.

Finally, Tiffany Bolton arrived! Johnny and Stella were thrilled, if exhausted. Their little bundle had finally been born!

It was Easter and Johnny had bought a packet of herb seeds for Stella so they could begin a small herb and vegetable garden. Since Stella loved the outdoors but worked in the office, it seemed a very appropriate surprise gift for her!

Flower Bunny approved and delivered a lot of flowers to the couple for their garden. Stella was delighted to receive a variety of flowers to plant in the garden. Very soon it would look gorgeous!

Johnny’s attempt to become a little more domestic were nothing short of disastrous. Making pizza clearly isn’t the best thing to start with.

The couple made a very good working pair as they settled into a routine in the office.

Stella reached level 10 Cooking and unlocked a vacancy in the culinary career.
Weddings: None
Babies: Tiffany Bolton

Up next: The Harringtons!

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