Round #7 ~ Bradbury

Spring, Week 1, Year 5

The first week of spring started out unseasonably warm. The last of the winter snow was melting fast as Nick set off out for an early morning jog, before most of Beckwell were up and about. He had some big plans for this week and he wanted to get an early start.

Being an art lover, another trip to the Infinity Hall was in order. As luck would have it, he met up with his closest friend, Petra. She also enjoyed the ever-growing exhibits in the museum and it was always lovely to view with a friend.

As he was leaving the museum, he caught a glimpse of Claudia. He wished he didn’t have such a thing for his married neighbour but he couldn’t help it.

As the weather remained warm, he set off for the park over the next few days and enjoyed the facilities. He found the regular puppet shows very entertaining, especially as he knew the girls so well, being friends with their fathers.

“I’m glad I caught you, old boy.” James had invited Nick round to the house one afternoon, to discuss an ‘important matter’ with him. “I wanted to let you know we’ll most likely be moving soon.”
“Moving?” Nick stared incredulously at James. “You’re kidding.”
“No, no dear boy. I need a proper study to get on with my charitable work and we need a decent dining room for all the dinner parties I’m planning. This house is simply too small now, so we’ll probably be moving to William’s neighbourhood. Somewhere like that, anyway. So I thought you ought to know!”
“I see. Well, thanks for telling me.” Nick forced a smile.

Following the warm weather was the inevitable thunder storm, which just about matched Nick’s mood. The news that Claudia and her family were moving was both devastating and refreshing. Maybe he’d have a better chance at getting over her if she didn’t live next door?

It was the perfect time for Nick to really push himself with his fitness. It paid off because he finally maxed out the skill and therefore landed himself a job in the Athlete career. Finally, he could start working on his real goal; getting a gym into Beckwell or one of the surrounding areas!

An excellent first day at work gave Nick a much needed confidence boost.

After talking with William over the phone about the lack of fitness and wellbeing opportunities in Beckwell, Nick had an idea. What if, by also unlocking the requirements for the Spa, they combined the two into the one building? A leisure centre, with all the spa opportunities? For that, he’d need to start work on his wellness skills and yoga seemed the obvious start!

Feeling much more positive, Nick went back to the park to chill out after a successful week. He tossed a coin into the fountain for good luck, then stopped to chat with two of William’s daughters, Soley and Nina. Nick envied William a bit, with his lovely wife and beautiful family.

Of course, in spite of the good things this week, the thought of Claudia moving soon weighed heavily on his mind.

Nick achieved level 10 Fitness and unlocked a spot in the Athlete career.
Weddings: None
Babies: None

Up next: Stella Humphreys!

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