Round #6 ~ Worthington

Winter, Week 1, Year 4

The snow fell hard and fast in Beckwell and Perringbury. Elena had gone on another trip to the museum with her father but ended up meeting with her best friend, Soley. They had a lot more fun playing in the snow instead!

As a Charity Organiser, James actually only works three days a week. He works Friday to Sunday so he will in fact have four days off. He seems to be getting very tense with work lately. I don’t think Prank Day was helping him much.

Tired of her pranks, James insisted Elena go and work on her homework from Friday. She’d been slacking quite a bit and he was getting tired of it.

Glad to escape her father’s wrath, she disappeared upstairs and pulled out her homework. When her sisters had gone to bed, Claudia came in to help with her newest school project, a solar system.
“I’m sorry about your father’s mood, Elena.” Claudia said, sighing. “He’s just been a little stressed from work lately.”

Meanwhile, James was taking his tensions out on the dough.

“So things haven’t improved by much, then?” Stella asked. She’d come round for coffee and a chat with Claudia since Antonia was still off on leave.
“Not so as you’d notice,” Claudia replied. “James is even more moody these days. He comes in from work like a grumpy bear.”
“What’s causing him to be so miserable?”
Claudia sighed wearily. “We’ve been talking about moving. Actually, it would be more accurate to say he’s been talking about moving. He says he needs a proper dining room and a study.”
“What on earth does he need those for?” Stella laughed. “Your table seats six and looks perfectly fine where it is!”
“He wants dinner parties. Campaign fundraisers, really but masquerading as dinner parties and he says we need a proper dining room. As for the study, he does a lot of correspondence on the computer and he wants somewhere quiet to work and hold meetings with William and George.”
“So you’re going to be moving then?” Stella raised her eyebrows. “Are you okay with that?”
“Not my decision, Stella.” Claudia looked wistfully at her hot chocolate. “I’m not the one with the job.”

Elena was fed up with tests, homework and projects. She’d had a couple of bad days at school and was feeling really fed up as she trudged home in the snow.

Fortunately, Soley came back after school for dinner. They played in Elena’s bedroom for ages before eating and Elena felt a lot better by the time her friend went home.

Claudia mastered parenting! She’s an expert at influencing Elena to do things without ordering her around and disciplining Caitlin and Jenna when they do something they shouldn’t!

By the following weekend, things had settled down a lot. James had enjoyed a peaceful week off work and Elena, while still not excelling at school, wasn’t doing terribly badly either. So on Saturday, after James had left for work, Elena sat down at her new craft table to get some winter decorations made. She’d been learning how to do them at school and she was very excited to show them off to her parents.

It hadn’t been too bad a week after all. James and Claudia and talked and they’d agreed they were going to move house as soon as possible. James wanted the girls to all have their own rooms and he insisted they needed the dining room and he needed a study. Claudia sat back to reflect as she browsed her bakery cookbook, wondering if having her own restaurant was too far away?

James reached level 3 Writing but didn’t unlock anything this week.
Claudia reached level 10 Parenting, level 8 Gourmet Cooking and level 4 Baking and so she unlocked another vacancy in the Babysitter career.
Weddings: None
Babies: None

And that wraps up the sixth round!

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