Round #6 ~ Stanton

Autumn, Week 1, Year 4

The week with the Stantons started out with some birthdays. First of all, Soley followed by the twins. Emily had been busy baking since early that morning to make sure there was enough cake to go around!

Soley was such an angel, coming home from school and sitting down to get her homework done. She even found time to talk to Nina and Caiden as they had their dinners.

She brought a project home on her first day. Like Elena, she needed to build a working volcano. So after the younger children had gone to bed, Emily and William knelt down on the floor in Soley’s bedroom and began to help her work on her project.

Caiden was delighted to have another brother in the house!

In a sneaky surprise move, the Stantons welcomed their sixth child, Sayer Stanton, to the family! With three sons and three daughters, they couldn’t have asked for a more perfect family.
At the same time, William mastered the Parenting skill and as such, unlocked a vacany in the Babysitter part time career.

William’s been enjoying his hobby on the keyboard and his creative daughter, Soley, enjoyed listening to him with Emily. He was starting to get very good!

He’s also taking his writing very seriously, with several books released and doing very well.

When the weather was dry, the children enjoyed playing in the garden. As a treat for being so good and doing well with her school work, William and Emily had bought Soley a swing set, which she tested out with her new friend from school, Sage.

Never one to be bored, Soley had a variety of interests and enjoyed playing not only with her younger siblings, but alone sometimes too. She really was no bother at all.

Emily finally reached her master level in gardening and unlocked the park! Another community place for the residents to go! It was a very exciting time in Beckwell!

William achieved level 10 Parenting and unlocked the Babysitter Career.
Emily achieved level 10 Gardening and unlocked the Park.
Weddings: None
Babies: Sayer Stanton

Up Next: Francis Stilton!

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