Round #6 ~ Harrington

Summer, Week 2, Year 4

George hosted the first of his wine club meetings with Petra. Alexandra didn’t understand what George saw in all these fancy wines; it seemed a waste of time to her.

The children had been enjoying playing in the sprinkler to cool down. Their giggles were infectious as they splashed each other and jumped in the puddles.

During a particularly hot spell, the Harringtons enjoyed time in the garden. They’d recently purchased a paddling pool for the children and Alexandra had paid for a proper patio at last. As the sun went down on one particularly hot day, the Duke and Duchess enjoyed a gourmet salad and lemonade under the shade of the parasol.

Alexandra’s been doing very well at work and was recently promoted. Her paintings have been very popular and she’d now hired an agent to help he negotiate better prices for her artwork.

She did have some more good news for George. After their little celebration for her promotion, Alexandra discovered she was expecting another baby!

The hot weather had turned to thunder to clear the air. The children were spooked by the foul weather, so George and Alexandra found ways to entertain and distract them.

Alexandra had Thursdays off, so she took a handful of her paintings to the Infinity Hall and set about trying to sell them there. It turned out to be a very successful event and she wondered whether she ought to do regular art shows in the gallery. The public seemed to love her paintings!

Back at home, George had been practicing his mixology skills to great effect. Balancing three bottles at once was the epitome of good mixing abilities, not to mention a most excellent party trick.

After a short labour, Alexandra and George welcomed a new baby girl, Vanya Harrington. With two sons and two daughters, George felt their little family was complete.

Ethan and Tristan had gathered in their parents’ bedroom after Vanya’s birth. Ethan was excited for another sibling – he adored both Tristan and Annabelle now but Tristan wasn’t so sure about another little sister. Ethan gave his little brother a hug to make things better.

George achieved level 7 Mixology but didn’t unlock anything.
Alexandra achieved level 9 Cooking but didn’t unlock anything.
Weddings: None
Babies: Vanya Harrington

Up next: The Stantons!

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