Round #6 ~ Humphreys

Summer, Week 1, Year 4

In between working on games, Stella’s started yoga. It’s a perfect way for her to relax and get away from the computer screen. Although she’s not very good at it right now, she’d hoping to master the art and help toward unlocking some new relaxation spots in town.

Sales for The Simple Life have been going well. Considering it was her first game, she thought it was a very good sign of Laboris Gloria Ludi (LGL) and she hoped it marked a good future for the company. Now all she needed were some more employees!

Hoping to engage some more fans, Stella started a series of Developer Vlogs, where she talked through the ideas she had for the latest games. The response had been wonderful so far and she’d gained well over 1500 followers for her social media sites. Things were starting to look good!

Since the summer was getting warmer, Stella took a day off and went out to Perringbury with some friends to celebrate with a water fight. She’d just released her second game to an excellent first day sale and needed to relax. She and the rest of the girls ganged up on Nick and had a fabulous time.

A young fan of The Simple Life approached Stella nervously for an autograph. It was the first Stella had been asked for and it was quite a pleasant feeling, to be recognised for her work! Stella gladly signed and hugged the little girl before heading back towards the Infinity Hall. She’d had an idea…

Posing for pictures was a lot more fun for Stella when her friend Leslie was taking them!

Stella was approached by Antonia, another programmer with an interest in game development.
“So what do you do at the moment?” Stella asked.
“I’m a project manager but my real interest is in game development. I love what you did with The Simple Life, it was brilliant. Actually, I’ve got some ideas for some expansions to it, if you’re interested? Antonia asked, shyly.
“Interested? I’d be delighted to hear what you have to say! Would you be interested in working for LGL?” Stella was feeling very enthusiastic about Antonia’s interest.
“Are you serious? I’d love to!” Antonia’s eyes widened with excitement.
“Okay. If you come round to my house tomorrow morning, we can get started on some new ideas.”

As planned, Antonia joined Stella for her first day with LGL. The two got along very well and shared some fantastic ideas for an expansion for The Simple Life!

Time for a little more relaxation. The weekend brought a heatwave to Perringbury, so Stella stepped out onto the dock with her towel to catch some sun, before settling down at a table to watch the sun go down.

Stella achieved level 4 Wellness but didn’t unlock anything new this week.
Weddings: None
Babies: None

Up next: The Harringtons!

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