Round #6 ~ De Vere

Spring, Week 1, Year 4

The first household of Round #6 is new resident, Damien De Vere. A budding actor, he’s going to aim for unlocking the Acting Career.

Damien’s first day in Beckwell consisted of an early start to his acting practice. He’s determined to become a famous actor but in order to do that, he’s got to practice.
Early mornings, however, are not his thing and the tedium of waking up before 6am doesn’t suit him at all.

He’s working in the Social Media career and so he works from home every day. The good side to this is that he’s meeting lots of the neighbours and making friends very quickly. With some sims, he just clicked and his new friend, Jared Hammond, was one of them. Being another ‘Bro’, the two got along very well and quickly decided to set up the Brotherhood of Bros.

As a hopeful actor, Damien knew he’d need somewhere to chill out when he became famous. In order to unlock somewhere like this, he’d need to be a good singer. Plus, you never know what jobs might crop up for him in the future.
Thankfully, he lives alone and nobody hears the early attempts of a new singer.

“I’m glad you came, dude,” Jared hugged Damien as he arrived at the exhibition at the Infinity Hall. “This place should be the first stop for any newbie to town.”
“I’m glad I did too. It looks interesting,” Damien answered distractedly, glancing at the redhead behind his friend. “Who’s she?”
Jared turned around. “That’s Petra. She’s one of the postwomen around here.”
“I see.” Damien cleared his throat. “Excuse me, miss, but may I say how shiny your hair is looking? You obviously take great care of it.”
Jared stared in stunned silence as Petra, a renowned snob, began to giggle.

“I wonder if you would be so kind, milady?” Damien asked. “I am an aspiring actor but one cannot perfect one’s role if one does not rehearse with one’s companions. Would you be kind enough to accompany me outside to rehearse a little scene with me?”
Overawed, Petra agreed and followed Damien outside the museum and onto the walkway.
Jared stared in disbelief as Damien and Petra rehearsed a very realistic-looking love scene.

“Petra, I wonder if I could ask you something.”
“Sure. What do you want to ask?”
“It’s Love Day coming up soon.” Damien cleared his throat, nervously. “I wondered if you’d like to go on a date? With me?”
Petra regarded him quietly for a moment. “Why not?” She agreed.
It wasn’t the resounding yes he’d hoped for but it was a start.

When Love Day arrived, Damien and Petra had clearly both had the same idea and gave each other roses. With the subtle message Petra included with hers, Damien had a feeling their date to the museum was going to be very good indeed.

Fortunately, the sun was out in Perringbury, allowing Damien and Petra the chance to bask in the spring sunshine and savour each other’s company. Later, he took her back to his bungalow, cooked dinner and the pair watch romantic movies on the tv. It was a picture perfect day.

All in all, a very good week. Damien was thrilled to have met so many nice, new people and even make some friends.

Damien achieved level 5 Acting, level 3 Singing and level 2 Comedy but didn’t unlock anything this week.
Weddings: None
Babies: None

Up next: Nick Bradbury!

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