Round #5 ~ Worthington

Winter, Week 2, Year 3

This is a longer update because the final week of this found was a very busy one! The Worthingtons hardly had a moment’s peace!

The week began with a couple of birthdays. Baby Jenna is toddling around the house and Elena’s ready to start school on Monday! James is keen on Elena becoming a responsible, upright citizen who will make him very proud and who will, perhaps, one day fill his shoes as the political expert in Beckwell.

Once the obligatory birthday hugs were out of the way, James set off for the grand opening of the Infinity Hall in Perringbury. He gave a grand speech on the steps of the museum and declared the new venue to be open. He then showed the first guests around the museum, ending with the Founders Exhibit.
“The crown jewel of the Infinity Hall,” he boasted proudly.

Once James returned from his ego-stroking trip to the museum, Claudia took Elena out to the ice rink out the back. They both had a wonderful time, in spite of the fact that neither of them were very good skaters!
Claudia bought herself a hot chocolate as Elena carried on skating round the rink. She bumped into Nick Bradbury as she settled at a picnic bench.
“Hello there, Nick,” she said, smiling as she sat down. “Surely you must be freezing in that?”
Nick glanced down at his apparel. “I’ve been running,” he explained. “It doesn’t pay to layer clothing if you’re going for a run.”
“No, I suppose not.” She took another sip of her drink. “Will you be having a drink?”
He paused, glancing sideways at Claudia. “I’d better not,” he said at length. “I ought to keep running.”
“Of course.” The disappointment coursed through her as she nodded. “See you later, Nick.”
“See ya.”

Being a hopeful future restaurant owner, Claudia set about creating packed lunches for Elena and James to take with them on Monday morning. James was less enthusiastic as he headed out the door but Elena appreciated the effort. She stepped out into the raging blizzard and nervously walked towards her first day of school.

It seems like Jenna doesn’t want her biggest sister going to school. She picked up the paints from the art cupboard and tipped them all over the carpet in Elena’s room. She stepped back to admire her handiwork and Claudia wondered what she’d let herself in for.

When Elena returned home from school, Claudia caught her by the door.
“Why don’t you get your homework done and out of the way?” she suggested.
“Now? But it’s Christmas!” Elena exclaimed.
“Not really. It’s a few days to Christmas yet. It would be better to get it over with now, then you won’t have to think about it over Christmas, will you?”

Elena’s reward for completing her homework in a timely fashion was helping her parents decorate the tree! Tomorrow would be Christmas Eve and she was getting very excited.

Claudia maxed out her cooking skill while preparing enough food to see the family through Christmas! She was delighted because this is contributing towards opening the first restaurant in town!

Elena and James weren’t getting along too well. James wanted her to spend Christmas Eve working on the volcano project she’d been given for the holidays but Elena wanted to go outside and play with her sisters in the snow. James realised that having children was a lot harder than he’d first thought.

Father Winter arrived and the children all got a present each! Unfortunately, James and Claudia insisted the children went to bed and told them they could open their other presents in the morning.

Time for presents! James took a photo of the tree to remind himself what an excellent decorator he was.

The family were generally pleased with their presents. James insisted on the fossils and gems being donated to the Infinity Hall and volunteered to take them along to display the following day.

In keeping with his promise, James took the fossils down to Perringbury on Boxing Day. He got talking to a group of visitors and started explaining the value of the pieces he’d donated. He dragged Elena out to try and educate her more but his plan didn’t seem to work.
“Dad, these things are boring. They’re just pictures in rocks.” She shook her head in disbelief.
“They’re far more than that, Elena. They’re history!”

James, could I ask you something?” Claudia sat down that evening with James at the table.
“Go on?”
“Well, I could really do with a bigger kitchen. I wondered what you thought about an extension?”
“An extension? That costs a lot of money, dear. Why do you need a bigger kitchen?”
“Well, I do a lot of cooking and baking in here, James and there really isn’t enough space for everything. If not an extension, perhaps we could move things around in the lounge a bit? Put a bigger table in there and get rid of this one?”
James sighed impatiently. “I’ll think about it.”

By the time the weekend arrived, Elena had finally finished her volcano, with some help from Claudia. It looked wonderful and erupted perfectly.
“Your teacher will be delighted, Elena. You’ve put so much work into this. Well done sweetheart!” Claudia beamed at her eldest daughter.
“Thanks, Mum. Can I go out and play out the back?” Elena asked.
Claudia nodded. “Of course you can.”

Elena met some of her new classmates near the rink and enjoyed playing in the snow with them. This is what weekends were made for!

Jenna appears to be a keen gardener. Either that or she’s reminding her Mum to tend to the flowers in the front garden.

Of course, having spent the afternoon with some classmates, Elena came home a little cocky and ended up in a time out. Needless to say, this hasn’t improved her relationship with James.

Not only is it the end of the fifth round but it’s the end of the third year in Beckwell. The Worthingtons invited a handful of guests to ring in the new year with them. It’s been an incredibly exciting year and there’s another one about to begin!

James achieved nothing whatsoever. He spent most of his time gathering donations for the Foundation for Less Mischief.
Claudia achieved level 10 Cooking, level 2 Baking and level 6 Gourmet Cooking, so she’s well on her way to unlocking the restaurant!
Weddings: None
Babies: None

That’s the end of the round!

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