Round #5 ~ Stilton

Winter, Week 1, Year 3

The next week with Francis is a fairly quiet one with a couple of small accomplishments.

Francis met with James at the Infinity Hall over the weekend to hand over the sculptures for the exhibit.
“I hope they’re what you were hoping for,” Francis said nervously as James placed the last one in the cabinets.
“They’re simply marvellous, Francis. A top job, as they say. You’ve got some talent there, old boy. No doubt about it.”
“So when will the opening be?”
“Probably next weekend. I’ve got some work to do behind the scenes first, then I should be able to gather everybody.”
When Francis left the museum, he felt a little proud. He’d never really accomplished anything like this before.

As he left the museum, he spotted Antonia walking past. He called out and waved. She was in a hurry but he’d arranged to see her in a few days, when there was a new series premiere on the television. He’d also see her the next day at work, so it was all going very well.

Since he was in Perringbury, he stopped off for a hot chocolate and pretzel, to keep the chill out. The weather was definitely turning colder and being on the edge of the river, Perringbury got colder faster than Beckwell seemed to. It was very picturesque though and Francis imagined how it would all look in a few years time, when there were more shops and offices in the landscape.

Evidently the flu was still doing the rounds. Although he didn’t feel quite as bad as some of the others had, he took a day off to be sure. After all, he didn’t fancy spreading it to Antonia.

After a full recovery, Francis and Alexandra went out to see the exhibition once more before the grand opening next week. It was very exciting to be the sole artists of the exhibition and even more so since Emily had taken their photographs and James had placed them on the wall beside the portraits. The opening of the first commercial venue was a big deal.
The weather in Perringbury, however, was getting worse. Francis took off early to avoid the worst of the weather.

Francis had some great news when Antonia came over to watch the premiere with him.
“Do you remember that tournament I was entering for Sims Forever? Well, I came second! I beat Stella,” he boasted triumphantly.
Antonia hugged him. “Oh well done! Stella’s useless at those tournaments, isn’t she?”
“She certainly is.”
Francis and Antonia didn’t see much of the premiere in the end.

It looks like the date went very well and Francis finally invited Antonia to stay the night. In fact, things went so well that he cooked breakfast for them both the next morning and they travelled to work together.

At the end of the week, Francis unexpectedly maxed out cooking! There’s now a vacancy in the Culinary career!

Francis achieved level 10 Cooking, level 7 Programming and level 5 Video Gaming and unlocked a spot in the Culinary Career.
Weddings: None
Babies: None

Up next: The Worthingtons!

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