Round #5 ~ Stanton

Autumn, Week 2, Year 3

This week, we’re with the Stantons and it’s another busy week with them!

Nina started the week off by generally being a little rebellious. Most of the time, the three children are very good but they do have naughty days from time to time. William decided it was a good time to teach Nina a little word called ‘Sorry’.

Emily and William are a very close couple, probably the closest in Beckwell. They’re both hoping for another baby soon, in spite of the chaos in the house with three toddlers. But when Soley ages up next round, things should settle a little more.

Little Soley’s been having more than her fair share of bad dreams lately. Maybe she’s getting a little afraid of growing up? Or perhaps it’s the poor weather that’s upsetting her? Either way, hugs from Emily are the best medicine.
“Honest, Mummy, the monster was this big!”

It looks like the flu Alexandra had last week is spreading round Beckwell. Poor Emily had to dose herself up with orange juice to get through the day.

William’s finally got around to indulging in his new hobby: playing the keyboard. He’s been wanting to learn since he got a piano playing book at Christmas last year so it’s finally time to make a start!

Emily travelled to the Infinity Hall with James to deliver some photos she’d taken.
“Hello, James,” she greeted him as they arrived at the museum. “I’ve taken a medium sized photo of Francis, as requested and a separate one of Alexandra. Finally, I took one of George, to put in the lobby.”
“Excellent. If you’ll come with me, I’ll show you where the photograph of George is going.” James led the way into the museum and took the photo from Emily. “Here we go.”
“Can I see the exhibit, or is that classified?” Emily asked. She’d known for weeks how hard Alexandra had been working and she was keen to see the fruits of the Duchess’ labour.
“I see no reason why not.” James took the escalator ahead of Emily as they travelled up to the exhibit. “I have yet to receive all the sculptures from Francis but I have a meeting with him next week. Once they’re in place, I’ll be hosting a grand opening ceremony.”
“Will Claudia be coming? I only ask because of the baby sitting, really.” Emily was worried about the possibility of babysitting for her children and was certain Claudia must be too.
“I’m not entirely sure. Perhaps I’ll just make a speech, or something.” They arrived in front of the exhibit displaying the portraits Alexandra had tirelessly painted.
James, they look wonderful,” Emily gushed. “I’m certain the members of the public will love them!”
“I do hope so. I plan on introducing some educational tours of the museum once we get some more artefacts in here. Alexandra’s going to be hosting painting lessons in the coming weeks, so I expect that will help a lot.” James beamed at the portraits.
“I look forward to that,” Emily replied.

With her contribution for the museum out of the way, Emily began to focus on the garden. She was harvesting a lot of flowers because she was hoping to set up a florist one day and would need all the flowers for her business. William focused on raking the leaves from the mighty oak trees in the garden. It was tedious work but it had to be done.

Of course, everybody needed to let their hair down sometimes. While Emily made a start making some more basic bouquets, William joined the children in the garden for some down time.

In the evenings, when the children are in bed, William writes his books. He’s published several children’s books in his Animal Magic series and even made a start on the romance novels he’d originally thought of doing. So far, he’s doing very well.

After several attempts, Emily and William were finally expecting a happy event. In fact, Emily was ready to burst. She was getting very tired and very hungry this time around!

With a new baby on the way, William and Emily thought it was important to spend some family time with the three children they already have. After all, family is forever, as far as they were concerned. It was also a chance to integrate Soley into her new room. With the girls getting older and Soley due to start school next year, they thought it was time the girls had their own rooms.

It was a good job they’d also recently moved Caiden into his own, bigger, bedroom because Emily gave birth to twins! Warwick and Aoife Stanton are making for a much busier household now!

Soley and Nina were very excited to have some new siblings again. Caiden, however, had become quite fond of being the baby of the family and resented the new arrivals.

This week was a very busy one for the Stantons and it’s only going to get busier!

William achieved level 6 Writing, level 5 Fitness and level 9 Parenting but didn’t unlock anything this week.
Emily achieved level 8 Gardening and level 5 Flower Arranging but didn’t unlock anything this week.
Weddings: None
Babies: Warwick and Aoife Stanton

Up next: Francis Stilton!

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