Round #5 ~ Humphreys

Summer, Week 2, Year 3

We’re spending the next week with Stella Humphreys, who has a very successful week!

Stella goes for a run nearly every day to clear her head. She loves the outdoors but she loves her job too, which unfortunately keeps her in the house more often than not. So a bit of fresh air, especially during the height of the summer, does her the world of good.
She meets up with James from time to time for a chat. They flirt occasionally but mostly just chat about local issues.

While Stella’s a programmer, she specialises in websites and applications. She recently worked to launch a new social media platform which earned her a lot of notoriety within the community and earned her the second fame level! That means the new town, Eafford, has been unlocked!

Feeling incredibly proud of herself, Stella went out for the evening to the skating rink, expecting a big reaction to the discovery of Eafford. To her dismay, there was no sign of anybody at all. It was almost like the town didn’t even know there was a new region close by to live and work in.

With a maxed out skill in Programming, Stella also unlocked the Start Up Entrepreneur branch for the Tech Guru career, which is definitely good news for Francis. Emily dropped round to congratulate Stella on her accomplishments. The visit meant an awful lot to StellaEmily was the first person to acknowledge the hard work she’s put into her programming. It also meant she could talk to Emily about her new idea.
Emily, I’ve been seriously thinking about what I want to do now I’ve achieved these things,” Stella began. “I’ve been thinking about starting up a company developing video games.”
Emily nodded thoughtfully. “Well I don’t know anybody more qualified than you, Stella. It sounds like a wonderful idea. Have you thought about asking Francis to work with you? I know he’s keen on programming, so maybe he’d be interested?”
“I might just do that. Thanks, Emily. Your support means a great deal to me.”

So Stella quit her position as a freelance programmer and began work on her first game. She developed a small company, Laboris Gloris Ludi (LGL) which to begin with, will consist of just her. Eventually, she was hoping to branch out with apps for phones too but right now, her main focus was on video games. It was all very exciting.

She started off with a very small game, The Simple Life, to see how things went. She couldn’t wait for the company to get bigger and better!

Stella maxed out the Programming skill and unlocked a slot in the Start Up Entrepreneur branch of the Tech Guru career (Good news for Francis!)
Weddings: None
Babies: None
Stella also unlocked Eafford (Del Sol Valley) by reaching Rising Star fame.

Up next: The Harringtons!

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