Round #5 ~ Bradbury

Summer, Week 1, Year 3

So with Round #5, the format’s changing a bit. Up until now, I’ve been telling to story through narrations in each household. As the households get bigger, there are more stories to tell to the format now changes to third person telling.
So to kick this round off, we’re visiting Nick Bradbury, a new resident in Beckwell.

A lover of fitness, Nick Bradbury’s recently moved into Beckwell. He’s keen on exercising and wellbeing and is looking forward to helping the residents of Beckwell with their health.

Since there’s currently no vacancies in any jobs, Nick’s taking on some odd jobs around Beckwell to earn some money. The heat of the summer is making his love of exercising quite unbearable but he’s not deterred by much. He’s certainly winning fans in the community!

After a couple of days, there was a knock at his door. As Nick approached, he spotted a pretty blonde woman standing outside, with a large male beside her.
“Hi. Can I help you?” he asked, as he opened the door.
“Good morning. My name’s Claudia Worthington and this is my husband, James. We live next door and we wanted to introduce ourselves.” The pretty blonde smiled.
“Oh, hi. Of course, come on in.” Opening the door wider, Nick ushered his neighbours in the showed them through to the lounge. “Sorry it’s a bit bare, I only arrived a couple of days ago.”
“No problem. We thought it would be rather good if we popped in to say hello. I’m the Mayor of Beckwell, you see. It’s my job to personally greet our newest residents, whatever their walk of life, to the town.” James sat himself down next to Nick. “The wife’s a bit quiet, I do apologise for her.”
Nick raised his eyebrows and said nothing. It could be a long day.

A few days later, Nick was messing around on the skating rink out the back. He’d found himself thinking a lot about Claudia since their visit. James had been so brash that it had been difficult to establish much conversation with his timid wife and Nick found himself wondering what she was really like, away from the Mayor’s booming voice.

All the exercising Nick was doing was taking its toll on his body however it was the only way he could keep his mind firmly on his goals – and not on the blonde politician’s wife next door. Thankfully, he hadn’t seen much of James or Claudia since their first meeting and he was determined to keep it that way. Anyway, for all he knew they could be very happily married.

In the meantime, Nick was meeting new people around town and starting to make some friends, including a pretty redhead, Petra, who called round at random.
“So you’re the main postwoman around here?” Nick asked.
“Yeah, more or less. It’s not much fun in this weather, though. I can’t believe how lousy the weather’s been today; it’s been so gorgeous lately.”
“I know. I usually go for a run every morning but not in this weather,” Nick replied, laughing.
“Every morning? Maybe I’ll go with you one morning,” Petra suggested.
“Er, yeah. Maybe,” Nick agreed.

“Another one of your charity events, James?” Nick called as he spotted James on the skating rink one evening. Nick had had a long day hauling boxes for a handful of people and he was a aching a little. The sight of James on roller skates really brightened his day as he watched the Mayor struggling.
“Something like that,” James called back. “Claudia thought I should be more in touch with the common folk.”
Nick winced. He hated James’ snobbery and general condescending tone. “So how is roller skating conducive to your foundation, then?”
“Well, it isn’t. But it allows me to connect to the ordinary people in Beckwell.”
Shaking his head, Nick said his goodbyes and quickly left the rink.

Nick was out for a run when he bumped into another runner.
“Someone else appreciating fitness?” The guy commented as they both took a break. “You must be new round here?”
“Yeah, I just moved in earlier in the week. I’m Nick, Nick Bradbury.”
William Stanton. Nice to meet you, Nick. Are you next door to James and Claudia?” William asked, nodding in the direction of the houses.
“Yeah. Do you know them?”
William nodded. “I was at school with James. I’ve known him since I was about seven.”
“I see. He seems quite…confident,” Nick said, diplomatically.
“That’s a nice way of putting it.” William laughed. “So you enjoy fitness too?”
“Yeah, I love it,” Nick replied, wiping his brow. He watched a young blonde watching them as she strutted past and forced his eyes back to William. “Nobody at home ever really understood the discipline. I’d love to help open a leisure centre or something here.”
“Well, you’re in the right place. We’ll have to get together soon and talk it out. I’m the main Health and Wellbeing councillor for Beckwell, so your opinions would be invaluable.”
Waving, William jogged off.

Petra was outside the house when Nick returned. He’d helped her out with her garden a few days before and she’d wanted to call in and say thanks.
“It’s all right, I can’t stay long. I just popped in to say thanks for helping with the garden. I can’t believe how much better it looks now,” Petra gushed. She flung her arms around Nick. “You’re an angel.”
As she left, Nick started to wonder if all the women in Beckwell were this friendly.

Nick achieved level 5 Fitness but didn’t unlock anything this week.
Weddings: None
Babies: None

Up next: Stella Humphreys!

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