Round #4 ~ Worthington

Spring, Week 2, Year 3

We finish off this round with the Worthington household. The narration will be between James and Claudia.

Claudia’s POV
If I say so myself, I’m becoming something of an expert at cooking. I’m truly fabulous with ever aspect and I cannot wait to open up the first restaurant in Beckwell. I’d like to think Elena and Caitlin would be interested when they’re older, too. They certainly seem fascinated when I’m baking apple pie!

James and I are developing a complicated relationship. I worry endlessly when he’s working for his charity, wondering what he’s doing and who he’s doing it with but when he’s home, he’s slobbering constantly and I find it a bit much. Sometimes he can be a perfect English gentleman and a charmer at that. Most of the time, however, he can be an absolute brute.
Tonight, he was a charmer. Apart from his current obsession with the cupboard.

It would appear there have been…consequences to our latest encounter. James won’t be very pleased; we weren’t planning any more after Caitlin. I hope its a boy – it might soften the blow a little.

Stella has become a very close friend after I went to her Spooky Day party. She calls round regularly and has been wonderful, listening to me rant about James and his behaviour. She can’t understand how a man who is supposed to be so level-headed can resort to such careless remarks and opinions. I suppose it’s because he has to remain level headed at work so much.

James’ POV
Having accomplished my final level in Charisma, I shall be welcoming a new resident to Beckwell very soon. It will be a wonderful occasion to show Beckwell who is in charge around here!

Another girl? Claudia might be delighted to have a third daughter, Jenna Worthington but it’s most inconvenient for me! I need a son to carry on my political work in this town!

I know what Claudia’s doing. She’s complaining constantly about me to the neighbours in the hopes of getting me voted off the council during the next election. Well she’ll be very much out of luck, won’t she?
I wouldn’t mind Stella Humphreys supporting my campaign, however…

I organised my first official protest outside the house after I’d finished working. It’s been high time I generated some more public support and generous donations to the foundation. The response has been very encouraging!

Claudia’s POV
Easter this year came as light relief for the stressful week I’ve had. James is becoming obsessed with this foundation of his and won’t spend time with the girls. He’s been less than enthusiastic about a third daughter and is spending an alarming amount of time on his new social media profile. I will be furious if I find he’s seeing somebody else, furious I tell you!
At least Elena and Caitlin enjoyed Easter. I know I haven’t.

James achieved level 10 Charisma and as such, unlocked a new resident for Beckwell.
Claudia reached level 9 Cooking and as such, didn’t unlock anything this week.
Weddings: None
Babies: Jenna Worthington

And that wraps up Round 4!

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