Round #4 ~ Stanton

Winter, Week 2, Year 2

This week is with the Stanton family. It’s quite a busy week because it’s Christmas! The narration will be between William and Emily.

Emily’s POV
This week’s going to be a big one. With Christmas coming up and Caiden having a birthday, we’ve had our hands full. Caiden’s turning into quite the cheeky little chappie but quite endearing too.

We decided to have a small Christmas Party for the toddlers so we invited James over with Elena and Caitlin and George with Ethan and Tristan. William put the winter holiday album on the stereo. With the toddlers dancing and giggling, the atmosphere was surprisingly infectious!

We had our first major snowfall shortly after the party and the girls in particular were excited to go outside and play. They couldn’t get down the stairs fast enough!

William’s POV
There isn’t anything quite like playing in the snow with the children. Whether it is building snowmen or flying to the moon, the children have such incredibly vivid imaginations. It’s giving me inspiration for my books. I think I’d like to write some to encourage children to use their imaginations. After all, my parents never encouraged me.

The children are getting so excited in the build up to Christmas. I think poor Emily’s had a rather nasty headache most of the day as the children are getting a little over-excited, perhaps.

Emily’s taken up flower arranging since she’s growing so many flowers in the garden. She’s focusing on holly arrangements at the moment, since there is an abundance of them in the garden. She’s hoping one day to have a small florist shop, so who knows?

Emily’s POV
As Christmas Eve approaches, I start baking early and get to work on some cookies for the children. Soley and Nina get quite interested and want to help, so they hover on the other side of the breakfast bar. They’re both so sweet and look so deceptively innocent.

With the arrival of Christmas morning, we sat the children down at their new table in the playroom to eat their breakfast before we start opening presents. They’ve all been so hyper! It’s very sweet but also very exhausting and I for one will be pleased once the presents are opened and life can get back to normal again!

It’s present time!

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The family got a lovely variety of presents! Some of them will be so very useful for the future!
Gameplay Note: I’ve got an interesting discussion going on the official forums about how you go about using the presents your sims receive. I’m going to be making use of them for future hobbies for the family so while not all of them are useful right now, they will be in the future!

William’s POV
The children got so excited when Father Winter came to give them their presents. They’ve all been fairly good this year and they’ve deserved some lovely presents.

Conditions outside this year have been treacherous. There’s been a near constant blizzard this winter and poor Emily slipped several times while she was tending to her holly bushes.
However, we’ve been able to have plenty of fun. George came round one evening and the three of us enjoyed a snowball fight in the garden, after the children had turned in for the night.

With three toddlers in the house, the holidays have been noisy and quite stressful this year. It’s wonderful to know I can rely on Emily for support and she can rely on me.
Happy Holidays!

The week got pretty hectic for William and Emily, so there wasn’t much in the way of skill advancement this week.
Weddings: None
Babies: None

Up next: Francis Stilton!

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