Round #4 ~ Harrington

Winter, Week 1, Year 2

This week we follow the Harringtons through a very life-changing week. The narration will be between George and Alexandra.

George’s POV
I say, my father never once told me this fatherhood lark could be so, well, exhausting. Ethan has boundless energy, don’t you know, and I can’t possibly keep up with the little ruffian. I never once remember seeing my father as tired as I am these days. He always seemed so well-rested. All those sessions in the steam room with his chums, probably.

Alexandra’s POV
With five households in Beckwell, I feel it’s high time I sorted myself out with some real employment. I love painting and I feel like there’s a lot I can do with this talent. George is also talking about me being a Patron of the Arts, which would be super. I think it’s about time the Council started focusing on some of these artistic endeavours. I shall ensure I inform George before his next council meeting.
In the meantime, I’m arranging to turn this painting of mine into a real job.

Of course, shortly before going off for my first official day of work, I got the most marvellous telephone call. I won the lottery last night! §1,000,000, to be precise. The things we’ll be able to do with the house! How superb!

George’s POV
Our little Tristan has started toddling around and we won the lottery! By Jove, this is terribly thrilling. We’ll be able to decorate the upstairs rooms, have a proper garden for the boys but more importantly…

This winter seems to be somewhat colder than last winter. There is certainly more snow on the ground and the two boys are loving it. In fact, I wouldn’t admit this in front of company but I’m rather enjoying the snow too. Something about building these little snowmen fills me with…peace. How peculiar.

With the money from our little bit of good fortune, we bought a large playground for Ethan and Tristan to play on and so far, they seem to be enjoying it. Ally says it will help them develop their imaginations, which apparently is important for a child’s development.
I don’t ever remember developing my imagination. I don’t suppose I ever did.

I’ve always had a taste for fine wines and I believe it is high time I celebrated this fact. I’m setting up a new society, In Vino Veritas. In wine, there is truth. As soon as there is a restaurant in town, I shall be sampling the menu and selection of fine wines. It’s about time there was some taste and culture and Beckwell.

Alexandra’s POV
As if this week hasn’t been surprising enough, I discovered I was expecting another baby towards the end of the week. We hadn’t planned on any more so this is quite a shock.
I do so hope it’s a girl this time, though.

George’s POV
The council met last night to discuss the latest issues. As there is only three of us, the meetings are quite short but last night I informed James that I am making a sizeable donation towards his foundation. A donation of §1,000, as it happens and he is most delighted. It is the least I can do, now I’m wealthy.

Alexandra’s POV
At last, we have a baby girl! Lady Annabelle Harrington arrived to round off a perfect week.

George achieved level 6 Logic and level 2 Mixology and as such, didn’t unlock anything.
Alexandra achieved level 8 Cooking and level 5 Parenting and as such, didn’t unlock anything.
Weddings: None
Babies: Lady Annabelle Harrington

Up next: The Stantons

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