Round #4 ~ Humphreys

Autumn, Week 2, Year 2

The first household this round is Stella Humphreys. She’s new in town and will be narrating this update.

Hi there, I’m Stella. I’ve been hearing a lot about this new town, Beckwell, lately and decided to give it a try. I’ve got nothing else going for me at home. I recently got my degree in Computing and I’d love nothing more than to be a programmer so here I am. I’m going freelance and I’m willing to give everything a try!

I go for a jog in the mornings to clear my head, whatever the weather. You often meet some fascinating people when you’re out a jog. In fact, I actually met one of the founders of Beckwell this morning. How incredible is that? She’s married to the Mayor or something but she’s really nice. Some friends would be really cool here so who knows? Getting in with the Mayor’s wife can’t be a bad start though!

I also met the Duchess of Beckwell today. She seemed nice although completely unapproachable. She’s reasonably known as an artist but I suppose being the Duchess makes her a bit more…aloof. I think I’ve even heard of her work, now I think of it. Alexandra Harrington? Sounds familiar.

Over the week, I also met my next door neighbours, Will and Emily. They also seem really nice and apparently they must be crazy because they’ve got about three children, all very young. Definitely crazy! Anyway, since Harvestfest was upon me sooner than I imagined, I thought it’d be nice to invite them in for a meal. I invited Claudia too and it turns out they all know each other. It’s funny though, they all know the Mayor and the Duke and Duchess and everything but I still haven’t met them properly.

So, I was working on this big contract for a commercial website recently and it published this week. Apparently it’s gone really big and I got one heck of a cut from their first profits, plus they put my name out as a top website designer. How incredible was that? I haven’t been qualified that long, either! This is amazing.

I went out for some fresh air and to grab myself a hot drink and some cake this afternoon. I love the autumn with its colours and crisp winds. Spooky Day’s tomorrow and I really want to do something for it. Since I have met a few of the neighbours, I think I might go ahead and throw a party. It could be some fun and it’ll give me the chance to loosen up a bit since I’ve been virtually chained to my desk all week.

Oh happy Spooky Day! Just look at this weather? It couldn’t get any worse, could it?

I’m getting so nervous for this party. I should never have done this, what was I thinking? I can’t even decide whether I want to be a cheerleader or a fairy for goodness sake!

Obviously I am amazing and a fabulous hostess. My guests all came, looked wonderful and have an excellent time. Obviously, my time here in Beckwell is going to be brilliant. I can see it now.

Stella achieved level 6 Programming and level 4 Video Gaming and as such, didn’t unlock anything.
Weddings: None
Babies: None
This does bring Beckwell up to five households and so the residents can start getting real jobs now!

Up next: The Harringtons!

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