Round #3 ~ Worthington

Autumn, Week 1, Year 2

The final household of the third round is the Worthington household. The narration will be between James and Claudia.

Claudia’s POV
Elena’s still not very pleased about having a baby sister. She’s been throwing paint around ever since Caitlin was born and it’s getting very tiresome. Particularly as James isn’t home very much to help me around the house. I’m finding all this extremely frustrating.

We did have some fun, however, hosting an impromptu Spooky Party, for which I received another Gold medal. That gives us 5 gold medals which means finally, some new faces in this neighbourhood. I’m hoping to really begin working on accomplishing something with my own restaurant. I need to work on my cooking skills if I’m going to be the owner of Beckwell’s first restaurant. Here’s to hoping!

Our little angel, Caitlin, had her first birthday today and now she’s toddling around the house with Elena. She’s become quite the little fusspot and I just don’t know what to do with her! Nothing seems to work! She does, however, seem to play beautifully with her sister, which is something of a relief, I have to tell you.

James’ POV
This is a historic moment for Beckwell. I, Mayor James Worthington, have finally turned the Foundation for Less Mischief into a proper charity. Finally, we will have some order in this town and I will tell you this; things will be different, I can assure you!

We had our first council meeting today. I’m quite pleased with the structure we have developed and I’ve been keen for some time to discuss a few issues with the members. The first matter, of course, is what to develop next?
William’s keen on a park in Beckwell soon. I’ve told him that as soon as Emily hurries up and gains her final level of gardening skill, he can have his park. Given that she’s only at level 6 at the moment, I’m not too concerned.
George is pushing for his hospital idea. I realise he’s the Duke of Beckwell but I am the Mayor and I am sorry but he’ll have to wait until he’s improved his skills in herbal medicine. He hasn’t even started them yet.
I have proposed the building of Beckwell’s first restaurant. I think it would do well for me, politically, if my wife owns a restaurant. It would make work meetings easier if I had a restaurant to go to.
Since we have no clear winner on the development front, we agreed to pursue the skills required and meet again soon to discuss our progress.

I’m permanently amazed at how active the girls are when they’re playing. I had a day off work the other day and Claudia insisted I spent time with them for a while so she could relax (when she says relax, she means her dance workout video). They were honestly everywhere and the mischief they get up to! I’m determined to be strict with them on this though; I cannot have naughty children when I am not only the Mayor of Beckwell, but the president of the Foundation for Less Mischief. What would it look like?

I was having coffee with a member of the public today. She’s interested in the foundation and even donated a little towards its funding goals and she raised the most fascinating question. As Claudia is a budding chef and I hope to continue my run of office and gain popularity and backing for the foundation, why not host regular dinner parties as fundraisers? What a fabulous idea. I know Claudia will approve. She’s the perfect wife for this kind of job.

Claudia’s POV
Oh I do wish James would consult me first before making decisions of this magnitude. Regular dinner parties to act as campaign fundraisers? That does seem like an awful lot of pressure, especially with two young children. What on earth is he thinking?
I feel panicky and strange. I want to hold Elena and Caitlin close and I hope and pray that I dreamt it all. He can’t be serious? I’ve just made the decision to stop all this trying to impress nonsense. I’ve even changed my clothing style (not that he’s noticed, of course). Why me? Why now?

Quarterly Summary:
James achieved level 4 Parenting and as such, didn’t unlock anything this week.
Claudia achieved level 7 Parenting, level 7 Cooking and level 3 Gourmet Cooking. She also hosted the fifth Gold medal party and unlocked Townies!
Weddings: None
Babies: None

Up next: The introduction of a new resident!

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