Round #3 ~ Stanton

Summer, Week 1, Year 2

We spend a week with the Stantons, who finally get to move into a bigger house. The narration will be between William and Emily.

Emily’s POV
Summer made its presence known with some glorious sunshine to make up for all the rain of late. Soley loves playing in the garden and with her lovely new summer clothes, she’s just about ready for the hot summer sunshine!

The play gym in the garden has been ideal for Soley to really develop her movement skills and imagination. I love helping her on the slide and watching her climb through the tunnels. William and I both get involved in her pretend games whenever we can.

William’s POV
We had a birthday in the family! Nina’s toddling around with Soley now, which is definitely keeping us awake in the day (and awake most of the night too, if the truth be told). A little charmer, she’s a beautiful mix of us both and another very pretty young Stanton. George asked me the other day if I was disappointed at having two daughters. Not a bit of it, I told him. Carrying on the family name might be important to him and James but it’s not to me. My father doesn’t deserve it.

I’m still determined to be a writer. It fascinates me how people react to different genres and different characters. I’m experimenting with the girls; I’m monitoring their reactions to the outcomes of the stories they’re having read to them. The results are fascinating and I’m starting to get ideas for my own stories. I’m thinking I’d like to write for children, mostly. I may well go for the romance novels at a later date but the need for children’s stories seems greater right now.

We had a most wonderful afternoon only recently. Emily was reading her gardening book, trying to gather some new ideas for when we move house; Soley was reading one of her books quietly to herself and I was telling a fascinating tale about a pony to Nina. I’d like to think these story telling sessions could become a regular thing; after all, if I am to be a writer, should I not encourage my children to enjoy the art of the written word?

Emily’s POV
My gardening efforts have been raising quite a bit of money lately and as a result, we’ve been saving for a while. We think we have just enough to move into the new, larger house next door. It’s got five bedrooms and a lot more garden, which means not only is there more room for the children but more room for us, too. Especially for my flowers. William and I discussed it over breakfast recently. We’d like to move as soon as possible, since we discovered we’re expecting our third child very soon!

I think William’s been doing a wonderful job at encouraging the girls’ imaginations. I recently glanced out of the kitchen window to see him helping Nina on the slide and at the same time, playing pirates with Soley. The girls have become inseparable but it’s nice to see William interacting to enthusiastically. He’s so different from his own father.

We are delighted to announce that not only are we definitely moving this week but we also now have a son! Caiden Stanton arrived nice and early in the morning and we’re ecstatic to finally have a baby boy!

William’s POV
Shortly after Caiden’s birth, we moved into Twin Oaks, the lovely new five bedroomed house next door. It’s going to be a bit of a struggle for a while but since we’ve finally been able to afford a computer, I’m hoping to start writing seriously now which should start bringing a little bit of money in here and there.

We made sure we did up the girls’ bedroom first. I really love the idea of them having a reading nook, so that is precisely what we’ve done. I’m not entirely sure Soley thinks it’s a wonderful idea but what can you do?

I’m particularly pleased with the new house because of all the space it gives us now. There’s plenty of scope for redecorating, furnishing and accessorising and I can hardly wait to get started. The girls look less enthusiastic but they don’t really understand, bless them.

I’m also rather pleased to have a proper nursery now for Caiden. Everything feels much brighter in the new house.

Quarterly Summary:
William achieved level 7 Parenting and level 2 Writing as such, didn’t unlock anything this week.
Emily achieved level 7 Parenting and level 4 Wellness and as such, didn’t unlock anything this week.
Weddings: None
Babies: Caiden Stanton

Up next: Francis Stilton!

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