Round #3 ~ Harrington

Spring, Week 2, Year 2

We start the third round with the Harringtons again. Narration will be between George and Alexandra.

Alexandra’s POV
My will to give Ethan a sibling has paid off and I had a happy announcement to make to George at the beginning of the week. I think he was a little stunned; he’d only just got used to having Ethan around the house!

A little before his younger sibling was born, Ethan had a birthday. Our handsome little fellow is a little afraid of the thunderstorms we’ve been having a lot of this spring. I do so hope that doesn’t indicate a bad summer!

George has developed quite a bond with his son, something I must admit to being rather relieved about. I love children and it’s been worrying me that George might not be so keen but since Ethan’s birthday, the two seem to be inseparable.

George’s POV
Our first family mealtime at the table together and I cannot get over how much Ethan can talk. I can’t say I ever remember talking this much but then I suppose that could be because my mother believed children should still be seen but not heard. I never heard her use the word ‘babble’ to describe my toddler language skills. She probably thought it was ghastly.
Things are going to get awfully lively around here when Ally has this next baby. Ethan certainly is a wild little chap and I do worry about what his sibling will be like. Oh well, I suppose time will tell.

I agree with Ally, I dearly wish our young son to have a keen interest in the world around us and in conservation. We decorated his new bedroom in a jungle theme in honour of his birthday, in the hopes he will become interested in animals and the like. He loves his bedtime stories about lions not wanting to go to bed and tigers coming to tea. I believe we might be in luck!

My beautiful Ally gave birth this morning to another handsome baby boy! We’ve named him Tristan and he’s every bit as gorgeous as Ethan was.

Ethan was quite upset when his little brother was born. I soon settled down to play with him and let him know we love him and his baby brother just the same. It will take him a while but he’ll get used to the new baby. We all will.

The day after Tristan was born, Alexandra very cleverly achieved the maximum level of her painting skill. Once we get a new household in here, that will jolly well open up a spot in the Painter career and Ally will be able to have the job she’s always dreamed of. It will be strange, of course, to be the one at home but I suppose that is the way of the world these days, isn’t it?
Whether it feels right or not remains another matter.
Of course, the day Ally achieved this remarkable status, we received a visitor in the form of the Flower Bunny, since it was Easter. Ally is particularly excited; she hopes soon to have a small flower garden of our own and she’s hoping this particular visitor might be able to help her.

Alexandra’s POV
Ethan simply adored our Easter visitor and wanted to play in the garden with her and make friends. As I had hoped, she did leave me some lovely flowers to plant. I really want to work at landscaping the garden sometime soon and a flower bed would be perfect. She gave me some Bluebells, Snapdragons and Crocuses, which is perfect for what I was wanting!

To celebrate our achievements and our new baby boy, George and I decided to throw a house party. With luck, we were awarded a gold medal for the party, much to Claudia’s envy and annoyance since it took her simply ages to accomplish a gold dinner party. George had fun playing poker with his old friends again, something he hasn’t been able to do for ages. It really was marvellous.

George’s POV
The week ended on a fabulous note; I accomplished the tenth level of Charisma! This means a super new resident will join Beckwell at the end of the round! Isn’t that marvellous? Particularly since it means I beat James to it. In his new capacity as Mayor, he’s also supposed to be recruiting new residents but I bet he accomplishes nothing of any worth during his time in office!

Quarterly Summary:
George achieved level 10 Charisma and as such, has unlocked a new resident!
Alexandra achieve level 10 Painting and as such, has unlocked a position in the Painter career, when available.
Weddings: None
Babies: Lord Tristan Harrington

Up next: The Stantons!

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