Round #2 ~ Worthington

Spring, Week 1, Year 2

We’ll be ending this round with the Worthingtons. The narration will be between James and Claudia.

Claudia’s POV
I absolutely must win the gold level dinner party medal, I must. I absolutely despise the thought of merely being silver level. If I’m going to be the queen of fine dining in this town, I simply must have the top level of everything. I told James this when he returned from work and he was fascinated.

Elena looked a little alarmed, I’ll admit, when I handed her some bedtime juice and shuffled her off to bed a little earlier than normal on the night of my big dinner party. James thought I as being ridiculous but I know what I want.
What I want and indeed need is a bigger kitchen.

Persistence pays off and I succeeded with a gold level dinner party! James doubted me so much but I knew I could do it!

James’ POV
Elena’s becoming closer to me every day. When Claudia puts her in the high chair, she calls for me to let her out. My wife doesn’t seem to understand that Elena is very independent and doesn’t like restrictions very much. She’s positively adorable but prefers to eat her own way. Dear me, my wife can be a little clueless at times.

The result of a successful dinner party. I hate the thought of Elena growing up an only child. William and Emily have recently had their second baby and I’ve been envying them for some time. I just wish Claudia responded to family life with a little more enthusiasm.

I explained to my little princess about her new baby brother or sister but she didn’t seem very excited. Maybe she’s just a little too young to really understand yet. I know I’m excited but a little apprehensive. After all, I’m not home very often these days, what with the foundation and everything. Will Claudia be able to manage two young children by herself?

Claudia’s POV
Oh yes, it’s quite all right for James to want another baby. He’s not home with his little angel every day, is he? He’s not trying to clean up her little messes every day, is he? He’s not dealing with her meltdowns and tantrums because he’s disappearing off to work at eight o’clock five mornings a week!

I don’t like getting cross with Elena. I remember my own mother being so cruel to me when I was small and didn’t understand her rules. She was always so flighty and changed her mind so regularly. I realise I haven’t had the best start to motherhood but maybe I can try again? I really do have a lot of fun playing with Elena and especially with her new slide James bought for her.

Our new baby girl, Caitlin, was born during the afternoon, safe and healthy. This time I’m going to try really hard to get this right.

James’ POV
I don’t think Elena likes the idea of a new baby sister. She’s been rather angry since Caitlin’s arrival and has been stomping around and breaking her toys. I’ve tried to calm her down but as yet, to no avail.

I think she’ll settle. After all, one day she’ll enjoy having a little sister to play with, share secrets and giggle with. She’ll have all the things Claudia and I never had when we were children.

Quarterly Summary:
James achieved level 8 Charisma and as such, didn’t unlock anything this week.
Claudia achieved level 6 Cooking and level 2 Gourmet Cooking and as such, didn’t unlock anything this week.
Elena achieved level 5 Movement and as such, didn’t unlock anything this week.
Weddings: None
Babies: Caitlin Worthington.

And that ends the second round in Beckwell.

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