Round #2 ~ Stanton

Winter, Week 1, Year 1

Now we spend a week with the Stantons. The narration will switch between William and Emily.

Emily’s POV
The week started off with very good news. Not only is Soley growing up but there’s soon going to be a new baby in the Stanton household. I’m really wondering if we ought to think about moving house. I mean, with two children in this bungalow, before long we won’t have any space for more. William and I are both enjoying being parents and we’ve a lot to look forward to in the years to come. Maybe a move won’t be so far away?

With Soley getting so big now and a new baby on the way, I really am seriously thinking that a house move might not be so far away. It’s a shame George is in Beckwell House really; it would have been ideal. More bedrooms, larger garden. Still, never mind.
William and Soley seem to have a very special bond, which is lovely. She’s a very pretty girl and quite wild, too. Very lively and curious about everything. Much like her father.

William’s POV
When I first set eyes on Soley after she was born, I couldn’t ever imagine having anything in common with her. My mother always said she could never understand how anybody could bond so soon to a baby but I certainly have bonded with Soley. She’s very curious and things like temperature don’t seem to bother her too much. Just this morning, we had a wonderful time going through her new flash cards. I’ve been teaching her how to express what she needs so we can be the best parents to her. She’s intelligent, too. She learns quickly. She’s definitely University material, this girl.

I love reading her stories. I’m really considering this writing business, you know. We’ve recently saved up and bought a washing machine and tumble dryer (since it’s started snowing, the washing simply refuses to dry outside. They’re expensive and those, plus the new central heating, will probably cost us a small fortune but that can’t be helped) but as soon as possible, I’d love to get a computer and really start on my writing venture.

Seemingly loving the snow, Soley spends more time outside than in her bedroom. Why just the other morning she came out into the garden to build a snowman with me. I had no idea toddlers could be so energetic and I find myself often wondering; was I like this as a toddler? My mother and father never spoke about my childhood and I have never thought to question them. Since having a daughter of my own, I do find myself wondering how much time my own parents spent with me during my formative years.

Before bed, Soley loves to hear more stories. Emily’s been brushing up on her gardening skills lately. She’s got excited by the prospect of having a park in Beckwell. She spoke to George on a recent visit and he said that as there’s now three households with children, if Emily could get to level 10 of her gardening skill, we could have a lovely park right here in the town. So she’s working hard brushing up on her gardening through books since, as it’s winter, only her holly bushes are blooming.

Emily’s POV
After three hours of labour, Nina finally arrived into the world, to the delight of her big sister, Soley. She’s currently sleeping peacefully in Soley’s old cot but at least by having two daughters, there’s not so much urgency to move. Soley’s bedroom is large enough to accommodate her sister too.

William’s ecstatic. Shortly after Nina’s birth, I thought he’d fainted in the front garden, especially as he was convinced I was having a boy. It turns out he’s actually realised he can make snow angels. His parents didn’t approve of this sort of thing, so he can be a little like a child himself when the mood takes him.

I haven’t seen much of Claudia lately and I’ve been wanting Soley to play with Elena so the two can be friends, so I took her over to the Worthingtons. I’ve been having the idea of us having each other’s children over quite regularly and as the two girls are close in age, I think it would be rather fun.
It’s a peculiar thing because I simply cannot see Claudia and James being really into the children. James perhaps more so, since he seems to interact with Elena better but certainly not Claudia. Still, at least my visit accomplished what I wanted it to – Soley and Elena seemed to get along very nicely indeed.

As if to prove my point, I invited little Elena over for a little playdate I’d organised and I won’t say I was surprised to see James bringing Elena along the road instead of Claudia. I never see that woman with her daughter, ever.
As it so happened, the afternoon was a big success and poor little Soley was rather sleepy after all that excitement. How thrilling though, for the community to receive its second gold medal party!

William’s POV
This arrived as a reward for the party going so well. I think I see what Emily meant by moving house. As heartbroken as I know she’ll be to leave her flowers behind, perhaps it is soon to be time to move to a larger family home?

Quarterly Summary:
William reached level 4 Fitness and level 5 Parenting.
Emily reached level 6 Gardening and level 5 Parenting.
Soley reached level 4 Communication and Imagination, level 3 Movement and level 2 Thinking.
Weddings: None
Babies: Nina Stanton

Up next: The Stilton household!

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