Round #2 ~ Harrington

Autumn, Week 2, Year 1

We start off the second round with the Harrington household. The narration will be between George and Alexandra.

Alexandra’s POV
Having electricity really makes the difference to one’s living standards, doesn’t it? I mean, I can paint all day with proper lighting now and I’m even getting recognised outside Beckwell with my paintings! Isn’t that exciting?
I’m even cooking more which I never thought I would do. I didn’t get a chance to learn anything like this from my mother so I had to rely on my aunt teaching me and her cooking was…well, I don’t know. She never cooked anything.

Since Francis and I are both into the arts, we want to eventually have a decent museum and gallery in Beckwell and we think it would be marvellous if we could provide the first of the artwork! I’m going to be providing some masterpiece paintings and Francis will be sculpting some amazing statues for the museum. It’s very exciting and George is so sweet and supportive.
I think it will be particularly important for me to produce artwork for the gallery. After all, I’m founder and patron of Arti Aestimationis and wouldn’t it look silly if I wasn’t an artist myself?

I’ve also got some very special news! The Harrington’s are going to have an heir soon. It’s very thrilling, particularly since Emily and Claudia both have children and I’ve wanted a little baby for a long time. Especially since I never really knew my parents at all. I want the baby Harringtons to have everything Francis and I didn’t have.

George’s POV
One must remember one’s position at all times. I’m having some rather dreadful difficulties with my plans for Beckwell because it seems like we’re not all working towards the same things. I am quite determined to see to having a hospital for Beckwell but the process does not seem to be as easy as one had hoped. Perhaps I ought to focus on other things?
Alexandra thinks I should focus more on attracting new residents to Beckwell. Perhaps she is right?

Francis is quite delighted with our news of a little stranger in the not too distant future. He invited us round to his home for tea and I must say, his company is excellent. I sometimes wonder whether he and Ally have had the right idea, you know, by not being as – proper as I was brought up to be. And for once, I don’t mean that in what could be described as an unpleasant fashion.

I do so enjoy a quiet game of Cluedo with family. The sheer suspense of discovering the killer, the thrill of discovering you hold the cards your opponent wishes to see and the delight of being able to withhold them from time to time. The anticipation of knowing who…
Oh. Apparently it was Colonel Mustard. I thought Miss Scarlet…? How puzzling.

I will exit and return home with great dignity.
“Come along, Alexandra dear. I’m afraid we really ought to dash…”

The Harvest Festival is upon us already in these damp autumnal days and I look forward to giving thanks every year. This year, it is rather exciting because our little baby is due today and I cannot wait to meet him or her. However whilst I wait, Alexandra has suggested I decorate the house a little.

Darling Emily called round to offer some support and advice on parenting before our baby’s big arrival. I engaged her in a game of chess while she talked, promising faithfully to inform Alexandra of this advice when she awakens from her afternoon slumber.
I am always impressed by Emily’s impeccable manners and her thoughtfulness. My father never had a good word for Cambridge graduates but I wonder if perhaps he was a little prejudiced? I mean, it wasn’t Emily or William’s fault that Oxford lost the Boat Race every year my father attended Oxford, now was it?

Alexandra’s POV
Introducing our handsome baby boy, Lord Ethan Harrington. It was a very exhausting labour, not helped by George sleeping through most of it. I won’t dwell, however because the most important thing is, Ethan’s arrived safe and healthy.

I wanted Ethan to have a jungle theme for his nursery. I would love him to be close to nature and if he could develop an interest in conservation, then he’d really be doing something important. I have high hopes for this little bundle.

I simply couldn’t wait to show baby Ethan off to Francis. Isn’t it all so exciting? Francis is an uncle! We’re finally going to have the family life we always wanted!

George’s POV
Shortly after Ethan was born, we had Spooky Day upon us. Now, I remember a marvellous party I went to at school one Spooky Day and it struck me suddenly; why not throw a party ourselves? We can celebrate Ethan’s birth and enjoy Spooky Day at the same time!
I really am a genius.

To my utter surprise, I was awarded a gold medal for this party! What fortune! We’re now on our way to achieving new things for Beckwell. What a wonderful week it’s been!

Quarterly Summary:
George achieved level 7 Charisma and Level 6 Logic
Alexandra achieved level 9 Painting and painted 3 masterpieces, including a portrait of George.
Weddings: None.
Babies: Lord Ethan Harrington.

Up next: The Stantons!

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