Town Council ~ Autumn 1

Autumn, Week 1, Year 1

As it’s Autumn in the first year in Beckwell, it’s time for the council elections. This system is loosely based on flethro’s system, which is also based on Simmerville’s system. Since I only have four households in Beckwell right now, this is kept incredibly basic and will probably develop as time goes on.
In order to stand for the council, a sim needs to live in the town they’re standing for. Each town elects a representative from each neighbourhood of the town and of all the representatives, one Mayor is chosen.
In the elections, 1 point is awarded for each level in the Business and Political careers; 1 point is awarded for each level of the Charisma skill and finally 1 point is awarded for each friend of the candidate. This may included spouses but not children who are teen, child, toddler or baby as they reasonably would be unable to vote in the elections.

So without further ado, here are the first elections for Beckwell.

The candidates are:

George Harrington: 8 points
William Stanton: 5 points
Francis Stilton: 3 points
James Worthington: 12 points








James and William both ran unopposed in their neighbourhoods, so both are guaranteed positions on the council.
As Francis and George live in the same neighbourhood, they ran against one another and, as you can see, George won the election.
Of all three representatives, James had the most points and so is now the Mayor of Beckwell.

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