Round #1 ~ Stilton

Summer, Week 2, Year 1

Next we spend a week with the Stilton household. The narration will be by Francis Stilton. This is a shorter update since there wasn’t much happening this week.

It’s been terribly lonely in the house since Alexandra moved out and married George. I don’t begrudge her, of course but it doesn’t change the facts, unfortunately. So I’ve been busying myself with the carpentry of late. I’m determined to get electricity to this settlement as soon as possible and that won’t happen without a little work from me.

This summer’s been a complete washout, really. All weekend there’s been a raging thunderstorm across Beckwell and it’s been none to pleasant to work in, I can tell you that. I’ve been working my candlelight mostly but sometimes it gets a little…monotonous, I suppose. Particularly without any company.
Reading’s always been one of my favourite pastimes and I enjoy reading quietly by the light of the candles…and the occasional flash of lightening as it lights up the sky.

Alexandra came round to visit me the other day and brought George with her. I think they might have had a row, they were both so dark and stormy; and that was without the weather which continues to be foul. I suggested Cluedo but I don’t know if investigating a murder, however fictional, was necessarily a good idea. I hate to intervene because while Ally is my sister, George is one of the best friends I have ever had. He took me under his wing at boarding school after my parents died and defended me when nobody else would. I hope they’re not having problems already.

To set my mind wholly at rest, I went round to visit Alexandra on the first dry, sunny day Beckwell had seen in ages. In fact, it turned out to be a heatwave and I enjoyed a nice catch up with Ally while soaking up the sun. She seemed in a better mood and assured me it was just a little spat – nothing to worry about.

The days just feel like one long, dark tunnel at the moment. This lack of amenities isn’t something we’d planned on lasting for so long but I feel I am almost there with my work! I just need a few more days of peace, quiet and hopefully sunshine to finish off my projects.

In the aftermath of the thunderstorms, I discovered a fascinating rock in the garden. After sending it away to the Geo Council in London, we discovered it was Selium and actually quite rare! They send me a small element of the rock to display at home. It looks so delicate and so wonderful and I feel the best I have in quite a while. It’s beautiful.

I did it! At long last I have achieved what felt impossible to begin with and I have brought electricity and plumbing to Beckwell! To test, I installed proper appliances and lighting in my own home and felt immediately cheered by the brightness of the rooms. The rest of my friends will be delighted to be rid of the hand washing by candlelight!

It feels wonderful to be able to actually cook for myself again. No longer do we have to rely on grilling food, or eating from a cool box in the kitchen. I’ve installed a decent fridge and cooker and upgraded them to make them more efficient. I’m throwing a party tonight for all the settlers to celebrate this milestone moment!

I wouldn’t say the party was a roaring success but it was a start and it was lovely to get everybody together and show them the new facilities in Beckwell. I feel, for the first time in my life, like I have achieved something.

Quarterly Summary:
Francis achieved level 10 of the Handiness skill and so unlocked Electricity!
Weddings: None
Babies: None

Parkside, the home of Francis Stilton

Up next: The Worthingtons!

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